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Seeking Something New: Classroom of the Future

Located across from the Tozzi Trading Floor, E1405 has always been unique among classrooms at Ross. Recently, Senior Associate Dean Wally Hopp began wondering what kind of improvements could bring E1405 up-to-date and give it a "next generation" makeover. Last fall, nine massive touchscreens were brought in. Read about what what happened next...

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Screencasting: enhancing classroom discussion and participation

Flipping the Classroom

Many faculty at Ross are experimenting with screencasting, which can be defined as the digital recording of a computer screen, usually with accompanying narration--like a video recorded PowerPoint lecture. Ross Professors like Dana Muir, Scott Moore, Laurie Morgan, and Nigel Melville are finding that screencasting can be done easily using software called Camtasia. Some use it to replace traditional lectures, and others are using it as a means to encourage more student participation. Read about how they're doing...


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Examples of faculty using Google to teach

UM's Center for Research on Learning and Teaching (CRLT) features many examples of faculty using online collaboration tools for teaching. Examples include "Managing a Large Course Using Google Apps," "Facilitating Collaborative Peer Review of Student Writing Using Google Docs," and "Holding Virtual Office Hours via Google+ Hangouts." Read more on


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