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From Where You're Sitting: Tracking Student Participation & Attendance

Professor Dana Muir was curious if there was a better way to track student participation in real-time, something other than marking up a printed seating chart or having to manually enter data into a cumbersome iPad app. When she approached Computing Services with her question, an idea occurred to them both--why couldn't the existing seating chart tool in iMpact allow for participation and attendance tracking? Some programming changes were made and a new app was born. Read about what happened, and the benefits of this new app...

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Roll Call! Piloting an electronic attendance-taking system

Taking attendance to see who is attending what events around Ross might soon get a lot easier. As it is, many departments or organizations rely on the old paper and pencil sign-in system. But people might not feel like waiting in line to sign-in, miss it altogether, not have a pen or pencil handy, or the paper itself might get lost in the shuffle. Paul Kirsch worked with Computing Services to identify a better solution, one that ended up using the M-Card to help track attendance with the added benefit of improving student experiences by seeing who attended certain informational events so as to avoid giving redundant information. Read more about these new "scanners"...

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