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Security Practices

Know your networks

The three suggested wireless networks to use while on campus:

  1. MWireless (Preferred)
  2. Eduroam (Secure and widely available)
  3. MGuest (Limited compared to #1 and #2)

You should only use networks you know are secure when you are off-campus. Look for secure networks, or be aware that the information you are sending may be viewed over an unsecured wifi network.Consider the use of our Virtual Private Network when traveling.


Keep your device secure

  1. Utilize online services for storage (Google Drive or MBox) rather than your desktop. This way your data is not lost, even if your device is.
  2. Make a habit of locking your screen when you step away from your device. Ctrl+Alt+Del (Windows) or Control-Shift-Power (Mac) when you’re away from your device.
  3. Keep applications updated and patched. Ross devices automatically receive critical updates to applications.

Please click on the links for more information on privacy, remaining secure online, and traveling securely.


Use Strong Passwords

  1. A strong password contains 9 or more characters, a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters, along with numbers and/or symbols. Select something that’s easy to remember, yet not easy for others to guess.
  2. Change your password yearly at a minimum. However, the more often the better. Ross IT suggests setting up a recurring calendar task to remind yourself to change your password.
  3. Do not share your password with anyone. No member of Ross IT will ever ask for your password.
  4. If you feel as though your password has been compromised or exposed, change it.

Password management relies on you. We do not recover passwords. Rather, we will reset your password in order for you to regain access. We do this to ensure that not even network administrators can view your password.


Be aware of your virtual surroundings

  1. Turn on Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for Weblogin. 2FA provides an extra layer of security stops criminals from using a stolen password to compromise your account. Beginning in mid-January, 2FA will be required for all UM faculty and staff.
  2. Check before logging into websites and opening email attachments. Know what you’re clicking:
    1. Check the address or URL on login screens before entering your password.
    2. Check shared document and email attachment links before clicking them.

Please consult Look Before You Log In for more information on maintaining security while online.


How am I protected?

We utilize Windows Defender, which includes antivirus, firewall, and performance apps designed to protect your PC. If you received your device from Ross IT, critical updates and security settings are set automatically. When you boot up your device and see this screen, know that you are protected:


What happens if something goes wrong?

  1. Keep Calm. We will work with you to remedy the situation.
  2. Contact Ross IT:
    2. 734.615.3000