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Virtual Computer Lab


There are many classes at Ross that require specialized software. Ross IT offers students of the Ross School of Business access to connect using your laptop or iPad to the Ross Virtual Computer Lab via internet connection.

The virtual lab machines function the same as any laptop or desktop machine provided by Ross IT. Please note that the Virtual Computer Lab is accessible only to Ross Students, by providing your UM credentials.

Installation Software

Prior to using the Virtual Computer Lab, you will need to install some installation software in order to connect to the virtual lab. Please see the provided software downloads for Windows, Apple & iPad below.

Special Note for Mac OS X

When initiating a connection for the first time, copy and paste the following information into the server section:

- vlab.bus.umich.edu

Click on one of the icons below to install the Virtual Lab Client for your Operating System (Windows, macOS or iPad):

Mac Users: Selecting the link below will take you to the VMware downloads page. On the page you will need to locate the VMware Horizon for Mac section and select the Go to Downloads link to be taken to the page where you will be able to download the necessary file.

Windows OS

Mac OS X

iPad iOS

Things to Remember

You will NOT always get the same virtual lab machine when you connect so it is STRONGLY ADVISED you do not store data on the virtual lab machine’s hard drive.

There are only 80 virtual lab machines. Past statistics would suggest this will never be a problem, however it is possible that you won't be able to connect if you happen to be user #81.

Within the Virtual Lab window, it is exactly like you are using a lab computer. There is no direct connection to your own computer - the fact it appears within a window on your computer can be deceiving! The file is stored on the Virtual Lab computer, not your own.  Once you end your session, the file will be lost, so please remember to save your files to your Documents folder, email, or cloud storage service like Box.

Occasionally the lab may be "reserved" for a specific class. You will be notified that this is the case when you try to connect.

When printing something from within the Virtual Lab window, you are printing to a Ross printer, not to your personal printer. You will first need to save the file, then you can print it.