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Using TurningPoint in the Classroom

Get the Hardware Ready

Plug your TurningPoint receiver into an available USB port on the presenting computer. If necessary, have your audience set their clicker's channel to the same Receiver's channel. The "sets" checked out from Computing Services will be pre-configured and this "syncing" step can be skipped.

Get the Presentation Ready

Launch TurningPoint from the Start menu on the classroom computer. This will open the TurningPoint control panel. Click "PowerPoint Polling" to continue, just as you did when you created the presentation.

Go to the TurningPoint tab on the ribbon. Click "Reset". This will remove any responses from previous sessions.

Select how responses will be received during the slide show. If you are doing a test run, choose "Simulated Polling".


Run the presentation

Start your presentation by tapping F5 on the keyboard, or going to the Slide Show tab on the ribbon.

As you proceed through your presentation, an unobtrusive TurningPoint "Showbar" will appear when you arrive at a slide that requires responses. This bar allows you to control and monitor the responses. If you have setup response timing on your slides, and do not want to actively monitor the number of responses, you can hide the Showbar.

Conduct your presentation as you normally would. Click once to see the responses tallied in the chart. For multiple choice questions, a second click will reveal the correct answer.

Save the presentation

Once you have finished the class, you have the option to save the responses for your records. In the TurningPoint ribbon, click Save. This will not save any changes to the presentation itself; it will only save TurningPoint response data. If you've made changes to the presentation itself, click the PowerPoint Save button in the upper left corner, as usual.