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Registering iClicker


iClicker is the audience response system used throughout the University of Michigan campus. It is a flexible, reliable, and user-friendly system that can be used to make classes more interactive and engaging by collecting instant feedback from students. This allows instructors to have a better overall picture of student understanding.

Registering iClicker

You will need to register your iClicker remote on Canvas by clicking on the iClicker Registration tool in your course navigation menu. Enter the 8-character remote ID listed under the barcode on the back of your remote. We recommend registering iClicker using the Google Chrome browser, as it has proved to be the most reliable. After registering, you will see a verification table.

Finding iClicker ID

Your iClicker remote ID is printed on a sticker located on the back of your remote. The ID is the 8-character code below the barcode. Newer iClicker remotes have a secondary ID location in the battery compartment. The remote ID will only contain letters A-F and numbers 0-9.