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The software found in the table below is provided in one centralized space for ease of download. In most cases, there will be a corresponding instructional page to walk you through the entire installation process. You should only download and install the software found below if you are sure you need it, or at the request of an ITS Service Center technician. When in doubt, please contact the ITS Service Center by emailing 4HELP@umich.edu or by calling 734-764-HELP.


Free auto-updating virus protection from ITS.

Follow this link to download directly from ITS

Virtual Lab

Access lab software remotely.

Instructions  |  Windows Download  |  MacOS Download

VPN - Cisco Secure Mobility Client (Faculty/Staff/PhD)

Secure access to Ross network resources. (Note: if you're using Internet Explorer 10 or above, you will receive a warning when attempting to download this file. This has to do with a non-typical "security certificate" and can be safely ignored by clicking the "X" button in the upper right corner of the message.)

Instructions | Windows Download | MacOS Download

Map R U (Faculty/Staff/PhD)

Use this to connect to your Windows machine to the R: and U: drive. You will first need to connect to the Ross VPN if you are off campus.

InstructionsWindows Download

Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook

Access your UM Google account using Microsoft Outlook 2007 by running this simple installer. You must already have Outlook installed on your computer for this to work.

Windows Download | Instructions

Ross Pre-Configured Google Chrome

This version of Chrome comes with some customizable options already turned on. UM Gmail is set as the homepage, and most notably, mailto: weblinks will open using your UM Gmail account. All other features of Chrome are the same.

Windows Download

Remote Desktop (Faculty/Staff/PhD)

Remotely connect to your office PC.

Instructions | Office Computer Pre-Config Download  | Mac OS Remote Utility

Ross TeamViewer Client (Faculty/Staff/PhD)

Run this client only at the request of an ITS Service Center technician!

Windows Download  | Mac OS Download

Windows & Office Activator (Faculty/Staff/PhD)

If you have a Ross-owned computer with an enterprise-liscened copy of Microsoft Office, Office will "activate" itself as long as you are on-campus or connected via VPN. Since there is no way to tell precisely when the activation will occur, this application will force it to happen. You must be connected to the VPN and running a copy of Windows and/or Office licensed through ITCS for this to work.

Windows Download

Shadow Copy (Faculty/Staff/PhD)

Restore previous versions of files.

Instructions | Windows Download

TurningPoint with PowerPoint plug-in (Faculty/Staff/PhD)

Software to create presentations for use with the Audience Response System

Windows Download | Mac Download