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Welcome to Computing Services

Computing Services provides the entire Ross School community with a comprehensive suite of technologies, software, web-based business solutions and high-touch service that support our instructional, research, administrative and service missions. Talented staff, across several critical disciplines, and the aggressive pursuit of innovative technologies, ensure that Ross remains a leader among our peers in academia and industry.

We have established these Guiding Principles for our work:

  1. Fast-paced, innovative environment; often quick adoption required.
  2. High expectations for reliability and customer services.
  3. Simple, cost-effective solutions to complex business challenges.
  4. Leading edge technologies; often set the pace of campus.
  5. High rate of change matched by a high commitment from the Dean.
  6. Corporate model characterized by business planning with our customers; understanding the needs of our customers, process; accurate and realistic project planning; deadlines are golden.
  7. Vision; Spirit of Innovation.
  8. Team work; using interdisciplinary teams and cross-training to achieve our goals.

Our department is organized into the following units to carry out these principles:

Our Helpdesk provides front-line support for all of your technology questions and issues. They will purchase and maintain your computer and software, resolve printer issues, triage network outages, etc. They can also help answer questions and resolve quirky problems with the Microsoft Office Suite of products, and can help answer questions, enter special equipment reservations and provide immediate assistance with classroom technology.

Network Services
A Network Services team is the back office group that designs and manages our core physical infrastructure of the video, voice and data networks, file space, security, wireless network, accounts, file backups, etc. Services are monitored 24/7.

Web Development
The Web Development and Video teams provide customized web-based business applications and support the marketing/communication needs of the school through the creation of web sites, video, etc. This is the group that brings you iMpact, the Ross School's information portal with enterprise directories, calendars, career services, alumni directories, study room reserves and much more.

Education and Training
We provide education and training to help you make sense of all the various technologies and how best to use them in your teaching, research and work. Our website is a good place to start, where you can find guides and tutorial videos designed to familiarize you with the services we offer, or look at the Tech&Learning showcase to get an idea of how others are using technology to enhance learning at Ross.

If I can help along the way, please give me a call.

Edward Adams
Chief Technology Officer and Director, Computing Services
Stephen M. Ross School of Business
University of Michigan