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Research Computing

The Ross Research Computing provides support for the empirical research needs of faculty and PhD students at the Ross School of Business. Services include assistance with the following:

  • Data Acquisition and Management
  • Computer Programming
  • Statistical/Econometric consultation

Data & Computing Sources


The Wharton Research Data Services platform provides both a web-based and server-based environment with which to extract data from a variety of databases. Data is subscribed to on an a la carte basis. We do not subscribe to all data offered. For a list of our current WRDS data subscriptions, click "List of Data Subscriptions" from the side-bar at right.

For a more detailed description of WRDS see

Kresge Library

The Kresge library offers a variety of services including web-based access to a variety of databases (for a list see


FLUX is a U-M campus-wide computing environment offered by the Advanced Research Computing Technology Services (ARC-TS) group. For details about the ARC-TS click here.

Flux is a campus-wide service that supplies processing power in a CentOS Linux environment. It provides 80 GB of free storage per account. Additional storage (called "Turbo Storage") is also available. More information on Turbo Storage can be found at

If you have any questions regarding data or computing resources at Ross, contact Rohit Singla,

Details About Flux Grid

Please see links below for more information: