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My iMpact Web Portal

Our Ross iMpact Web Portal was first imagined in 1992 with the encouragement of a group of MBA students. iMpact (originally M-Track) was awarded with the prestigious ComputerWorld Honors designation in 2001 for early advances in information technology.

"Established in 1988, The Computerworld Honors Program brings together the principals of the world's foremost information technology companies to recognize and document the achievements of the men, women, organizations and institutions around the world, whose visionary applications of information technology promote positive social, economic and educational change."

iMpact has morphed and advanced into a truly first class enterprise information and communication portal. Since it's creation, iMpact has always focused on innovative ways to connect constituents, to improve both social and professional communication and to increase the amount of relevant information that is available in order to make informed academic, career and business decisions. iMpact was an Internet service well before there was a world wide web. In many ways, it was a leader in what is now "social media." The continued success of iMpact within our broad community is measured through the evolution of ideas and improvement of business processes.

iMpact Home Page - News and Events at your Fingertips

The home page of iMpact is intended as a helpful consolidation of important information from across the school. You will find the resources you need to stay informed of Ross News and Calendar Events, get connected with your peers, link up to your degree-related resources, search for that job, and perform a host of administrative and productivity tasks.  If you recall your first interaction with iMpact as a newly admitted student, you had access to a special section for Admitted Students that gave you a glimpse of the information world of Ross.

The "Ross News" section consolidates all of the news from all Ross sources that are relevant to you. If you are an MBA student, for example, you will not see news targeted at BBAs. If you are a first year student, you will not see career opportunities for second year students by default. You can always see this information by directing iMpact to show you everything, but, by default, you only see news relevant to you.

The Calendar is a pretty comprehensive source of all events happening at Ross. You can filter the content to particular audience types, year in program, and various attributes of the event itself. For example, you can ask to see all events related to finance for second year MBA students in November.

There is always a lot going on at Ross. Just take a quick look at our school-wide Event Calendar during an academic year and you will find enough things to do, events to attend, and people to meet to take up all of your spare time. The many Centers, Institutes, Administrative and Academic departments, the student Clubs, the Student Government, the Dean's Office and even the folks in areas across this campus, all have important news and events that they want to share. So, it's important to filter these down to what's really important to you. The key is to manage the information overflow.

Daily and Weekly Email Digests

iMpact is the tool that everyone at Ross, especially our Career Services department, uses to keep you informed. The same information displayed on the home page of iMpact is also displayed on the many Information Monitors that you see at each entrance to the Ross buildings.  And, you can direct this same information to be automatically delivered to you through a series of daily or weekly email Digests. When you enable Digests, you don't have to worry about missing important news and events because these will be delivered to you by email, and you won't be bothered with many individual emails. You can selectively enable Digests for some types of events, some department news, or all. You can always go to iMpact to see them there too, but Digests are just one more tool to make sure you see the news you choose to see.

Information Syndication (RSS)

iMpact can also syndicate News and Events to your preferred platform, whether that is a web site you use as your preferred home page, your cell phone, or other forms of digital assistants (PDAs). Real Simple Syndication, or RSS for short, is a web industry standard that feeds information from one provider to another. A tab under iMpact allows you to customize a page with your preferences. Or, you can choose to feed iMpact news and event information into your favorite RSS reader, like Google.

Use iMpact to Communicate and Connect with Others

Want to communicate with an entire degree class or just send a quick note to a colleague about a class project, business opportunity, or to organize a ski trip? iMpact has you covered with an easy to use directory where you can find the people you need to contact. Use a feature called Personal Notes to send short notes. iMpact also allows you to find, tag and categorize people that you want to stay in contact with using a feature on your Profile called "Connections". Like a fellow student who has an interest in, say, working in Finance in firms in New York. Or, it can be friends who graduated at your undergraduate University, live in your hometown, and like to ski. iMpact has the tools to make personal, academic and professional connections.

Again, iMpact communication tools are meant as quick ways to stay connected. Always use your preferred email solution to communicate at length and to send attachments.

Comprehensive Suite of Business Tools

iMpact is much more than just an informational web portal. iMpact comes complete with a suite of business productivity tools that assist you every day by, among others, finding and reserving available group study rooms, creating your resume, reviewing and selecting company interviews, creating classroom seating charts, managing conferences, reserving equipment for your travels or meeting, etc.

Information Delivered to your Mobile Device

In early spring of 2013, iMpact went mobile! Check out the iMpact Go! app in the iTunes store or Android marketplace, and read more here.