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New & Improved

We listened and we have been working diligently to improve iMpact! All year, we have been busy behind the scenes completely overhauling the technology behind the curtains. These changes will make it easier to keep iMpact up to date and easier to use by making it more mobile-friendly and improving the navigation.

Now Mobile Friendly!

The entire iMpact website and applications are now mobile-friendly.  This update improves the experience of viewing the site, no matter the type of device.

What's New on iMpact:

  • Improved page layouts
  • New look and feel
  • Updated navigation system
  • Mobile friendly functionality
  • New back-end server systems

Future Updates:

  • Department microsites
  • Content updates
  • New advanced search
  • Mobile Go! application

New & Improved iMpact Search:
More accurate search results, advanced search tools for filtering and sorting to help you find what you are looking for when you need it.

iMpact Advanced Search

  1. Display the amount of results per page from 5 to 60.
  2. Easily reset your search options back to default while keeping your current search query.
  3. Filter your results by multiple Sections. Looking for Student Clubs? Choose only the Student Clubs section.
  4. Easily clear your current search and begin a new search by selecting the clear button or using the ESC key on a desktop.
  5. Sort by relevance, title, or last updated and order your results by ascending or descending.​
  6. Highlighted search result excerpts with key words and phrases.
  7. Mobile friendly functionality to quickly and easily perform searches from your mobile device.

Navigation Menu, with a Quick Start.

Our Main Navigation has been vastly improved with second & tertiary level menus. The user can view and access internal sections of each page simply by rolling over and/or click function. iMpact comes complete with a set of applications and tools that assist you every day! The following are some of the new tools to users in the new Quick Start menu:  

  • Reserving available group study rooms
  • Creating your resume
  • Reviewing and selecting company interviews
  • Creating classroom seating charts, managing conferences, and reserving equipment for your travels and meetings

Keeping Things Personal

We understand the importance of your academics and career needs as a member of the Ross Community.  As such, we are moving towards a more personalized online experience for our end users.

Use iMpact to Communicate and Connect with Others

Want to communicate with an entire degree class, send a quick note to a colleague about a class project or business opportunity, or organize a ski trip? iMpact has you covered with an easy to use directory, where you can find the people you need to contact. The Personal Notes feature allows you to send short notes. Use "Ross Connections" to find, tag, and categorize people . Like a fellow student who has an interest in, say, working in Finance in firms in New York. iMpact has the tools to make personal, academic and professional connections.

iMpact now includes a "My Activities" feature, which allows our users to connect their Ross related events to their personal Google calendar.  Doing so will allow them to manage and track their events via each calendar location, appearing on both Google and iMpact calendars.

My Activities

Thank you for your patience as we continue to improve iMpact and check back for more updates soon.