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Connecting to Wireless

There are a few wireless (WiFi) networks you may notice while at Ross. The vast majority will only ever use MWireless, but this page explains what the others do.

Click here to see a special note for Windows 8 users


MWireless is the University-wide WiFi network available to anyone with a U-M uniqname and password.

  1. From your computer or device's available wireless networks, select MWireless.
  2. When the login box appears, enter your uniqname and password. (If you have trouble, you can reset your password here.)
  3. If prompted to accept a certificate, choose Accept.

You should now be connected to MWireless.


MGuest is available to non-UM visitors or anyone without a uniqname and password. It is unsecure and slower than MWireless. Upon connecting, when you first open a web browser you will immediately be taken to an agreement you must accept, making sure you understand the limitations of this network.

  1. From your computer or device's available wireless networks, select MGuest.
  2. If prompted to accept a certificate, choose Accept.
  3. Open a web browser, read the MGuest Policy that appears, and click "I Agree with the Policy" to use the network.

You should now be connected to MGuest, and should avoid sending personal information (such as credit card or social security numbers) over this network.

Guests from institutions that participate in eduroam may wish to connect to the eduroam network. For more information, refer to the instructions below.


The eduroam wireless network is a secure worldwide network developed for the education community. (It stands for education roaming.) In short, you can log in to eduroam once, and when you visit any other participating location your device will automatically join their eduroam network, eliminating the need to set up and configure an additional wireless connection. To learn more about eduroam, watch this short video or visit the eduroam website.

Remember, though, that using eduroam means passing on certain abilities that only work with campus-specific networks. For example, Follow Me Printing only works when you're connecting to MWireless.

To connect to eduroam follow these steps:

  1. From your computer or device's list of available networks, choose eduroam.
  2. Use uniqname@umich.edu as your username (obviously, replace the word "uniqname" with your actual uniqname).
  3. Use your standard U-M password as your password.
  4. Upon connecting, you may receive a security notice asking if you'd like to accept a "server certificate." This is normal, and you can safely allow it.