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Ross Conference Rooms

Reserve Faculty/Staff Conference Rm.

The conference rooms in the Ross building are perfect for meetings, small presentations, and even video or audio conferences. This page will give you an overview of the technology available in the room. Scroll to the bottom to watch a brief instructional video.

Reserving a Conference Room

Faculty and staff may reserve the conference rooms available at the Ross School of Business by using the room reservation wizard in iMpact.

Using the In-Room Technology

Cisco Polycom Audio Phones

Sometimes referred to as "the speakerphone," the Cisco Polycom Audio Phones are the gray star-shaped devices tethered to the wall with an extra long Ethernet cable. These phones use VOIP technology to connect a room full of people with another group or individual anywhere in the world. There's no special instructions to follow... just press the green button for a dial tone and punch in your party's number.

Dial the standard 5-digit phone number if your party is elsewhere on U-M's campus. If your party is off-site, dial a 9 plus the area code before entering the full number. These phones are only equipped to dial out to local numbers, although pre-paid phone cards can be used. Alternatively, give your party the number shown in the upper right corner of the phone's display and have them dial into you.

Flat-Panel Monitors

These large, high-definition, wall mounted monitors can be used as a display for laptops and other devices. Simply plug the VGA cable into your device and wait a moment for it to display.

A list of the monitor's various display "sources" is posted near the monitor's control panel. Use the "Input" button on the bottom of the monitor to cycle through this list of "sources" until your device displays. Wait a moment on each source as you cycle through, as sometimes the signal can take a few seconds to show up.

These are also the primary monitors for the in-room PCs.

In-Room Windows PCs

The small box mounted discreetly beneath the flat-panel monitor is a fully functional Windows PC loaded with our own standard Ross "image," which means it comes with the full software set you'd expect to find on any Ross computer including Microsoft Office.

Tap the keyboard or wiggle the mouse to wake up the PC, if necessary. Then, use the wireless keyboard to log-in to the computer using your U-M uniqname and password.

Use the USB port on the front of the box or your network drives to retrieve a presentation, eliminating the need to reserve or bring in a laptop for your next presentation or group meeting.

If you have an iPad, you can use the Doceri Desktop program to annotate over the mounted display or even use it as a virtual whiteboard. To get started, you just have to download the free Doceri App from the iTunes store and be sure you're connected to the MWireless-Ross wireless network. For more information, view our Doceri demonstration. The process of using it works the same as in any of the Ross classrooms.


Using the in-room Windows PC and the webcam mounted on top of the flat-panel monitor, you can connect or host your own videoconferences using popular conferencing software like Zoom, Skype, or Google Hangouts. All of the apps allow for group chats, however Google Hangouts is the only one that does not have a fee associated with doing so (you can use Skype free to video chat with 1 person only). Log in to Google Hangouts using your U-M Google account.

  • Click to see instructions on starting a video call using Skype.
  • Click to see instructions on how to start a video call using Google Hangouts.