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List of Data Subscriptions

Summary of Known Ross Research Computing Data Subscriptions

This list includes data explicitly subscribed to by Research Computing plus "free" offerings made by WRDS. The WRDS free offerings can change without notice. For the complete list, log onto WRDS at If you do not have a WRDS account, you may register at the site as well. All faculty, masters and PhD students are eligible for an individual WRDS account. Undergraduate students can access WRDS via the Kresge Library website at

Data subscriptions available via Web:

  • CMIE Prowess
  • ISS - Voting Analytics
  • Moodys
  • Thomson Reuters SDC data

Data subscriptions accessible via Wharton Research Data Services:

Bank Regulatory

  • General
  • Commercial Banks

Beta Suite by WRDS



Bureau van Dijk

CBOE (Chicago Board Options Exchange) Indexes


  • North America
  • Global
  • Bank
  • Historical Segments
  • Execucomp
  • Unrestated Quarterly
  • Marginal Tax Rates
  • Legacy - Emerging Markets Database (EMDB)


  • Stocks
  • Index
  • CRSP/Compustat Merged
  • Treasuries
  • Mutual Funds

Direct Marketing Educational Foundation (DMEF) Data

  • Multi-Divison Catalog
  • Non-Profit Organization
  • Reproduction Catalog
  • Specialty Catalog

Dow Jones

  • Daily
  • Monthly

Efficient Frontier by WRDS

Event Study by WRDS


Fama French & Liquidity Factors

Federal Reserve Bank

  • Foreign Exchange Rates
  • Interest Rates

Financial Ratios Suite by WRDS


  • Detail History
  • Summary History
  • Unadjusted Detail
  • Unadjusted Summary
  • Recommendations
  • Exchange Rate Information
  • Guidance (Management Forecast)

IHS Global Insight

ISS - Institutional Shareholders Services (Formerly RiskMetrics)

  • Directors
  • Governance


  • Consolidated Trades
  • Consolidated Quotes

Linking Suite by WRDS

MFLINKS (Mutual Fund Links)


  • Municipal Securities Transaction Data

Option Metrics (Ivy DB US)

  • Market data
  • Options data
  • Securities data

Option Suite by WRDS

OTC Markets

  • End-of-Day Pricing

Penn World Tables

Peters and Taylor Total Q


  • Currency Options
  • Implied Volatility


  • NYC Yellow Taxi Trips 2014 & 2015
  • Bureau of Economic Analysis – Annual & Quarterly data
  • Bureau of Labor Statistics – Time Series data
  • Healthcare data

RavenPack News Analytics

  • Equities
  • Global Macros
  • Mapping Files

Research Quotient

SAS Visual Analytics

SEC Order Execution

Thomson Reuters

  • Mutual Fund Holdings (s12)
  • Institutional (13f) Holdings (s34)
  • Insiders Data
  • DealScan


  • OTC Bond Trades data

World Indices by WRDS