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Printing Solutions

Printing Solutions

The University of Michigan offers students a variety of printing solutions to be used throughout their student careers. The most popular solution being MPrint, which allows students to print from within a web browser (Google Chrome, FireFox, Edge, etc.) and retrieve their document from any printer on campus. The other option available, used mostly by Ross School of Business, is the Follow-Me print solution. For more information on these printing solutions, please see the following sections.

Printer Locations

Throughout the Ross School of Business buildings (Ross, Blau & Kresge). There are various printer locations available to students. To locate the student printers, please see link below:

Printer Locations Page


MPrint is U-M's Web-based printing service, which allows campus community members to print from their Internet-enabled on or off campus computer to any networked campus printers. Whether you're using a desktop or laptop computer, you can print to MPrint.

Using MPrint | Go to MPrint


Follow Me Printing is a virtual printing queue. When you print a document from your computer, your computer will place the document in a "virtual queue" which you can then access from any Follow Me printer around campus. Your print job(s) will be stored for several hours while you complete your work, and can only be printed by swiping your M-Card or logging in with your uniqname and password, which makes it secure.

Installation Instructions | Windows Installation | Mac OS X Installation

Checking Print Balance

You can check your print balance by doing the following:

  • Go to https://mprint.umich.edu/account. You will need to provide your UM credentials.
  • Your account page will list any shared accounts that are available to you for use.
  • Use the 'Services' section to enable/disable cloud services connected to your account.
  • When finished, be sure to logout (the link is located in the lower right corner).

As a student of the Ross School of Business, you also receive an additional print allowance on top of the balance provided by UM. Please see below:

  • Printer Allowance: $40/term - Fall / Winter / Spring-Summer
  • Total = $120/year
  • Billing methods for printing beyond the $40/term allowance are:
    • Students will be billed directly to their university student account and costs will appear on thie tuition statements.

Assistance with Printing

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding printing. Please contact Ross IT Support using one of the following methods:

Additional Resources

For more information on printing, please links below:

Printing Information | FAQ