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Preparing Your Lecture

Getting Started

In order to use the TurningPoint audience response system in your class, you will need to first download and install the TurningPoint software.


Running TurningPoint

Once you have installed the software onto your computer, the TurningPoint plugin will be added to PowerPoint as an additional tab in the ribbon whenever you run the TurningPoint software application.

NOTE: The TurningPoint tab is not available if you just open PowerPoint. You must launch TurningPoint, which in turn will open the PowerPoint application.

Run the TurningPoint application by double-clicking the icon as it appears on your desktop, or opening it from the Start menu.

The following TurningPoint Control Panel will appear (PC version shown). Select "PowerPoint Polling" (highlighted below) to open PowerPoint with TurningPoint.

The following illustration shows you what the ribbon looks like on the PC version of PowerPoint.


Creating Slides

If you are editing an existing presentation, open it. Create or find a slide on which you'd like to enable audience response.

Go to the TurningPoint ribbon and click "New" to select the kind of audience participation question you're looking for.

Enter your question in the title field at the top (multiple choice seen below).

Then, enter the possible answers/choices, hitting "Enter" for each new entry.

Enhance your slide by inserting objects:

  •     Change your chart type and apply animation
  •     Display a response timer or a counter showing the number of received responses
  •     Display the correct answer before continuing to the next slide


As always, be sure to save your presentation from the PowerPoint toolbar or the Office Button.