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Our Policies & Agreements

Ross Faculty-Staff Equipment Requests

Ross IT provides IT equipment to faculty & staff for business purposes.  The requirements, process and specifics related to providing this equipment, whether for a new employee or someone seeking additional equipment are outlined per this policy.


Equipment Requests – Retired or Faculty That Leave IT Equipment Request & Support

Ross IT partners with faculty who are retiring from or leaving the university to provide guidance, requirements, process and specifics related to any assigned IT equipment and a request to keep the equipment.  This policy outlines the various particulars associated with this policy.


Support – AV Support for Events

Ross IT provides support for AV technology that is used within a room that is part of the Ross School of Business.  This support pertains to the AV technology and IT equipment that is within the room and used as part of the event. This policy defines and outlines the particulars associated with provided support.


Network– Network Configuration Non-Standard Workstations

Ross IT manages workstations that are requested by Ross faculty, however because of differences in their configuration and use they are defined as non-standard.This difference results in different network factors which need to be considered and followed as it relates to putting this type of machine on the network.  This policy defines and outlines the particulars associated with setting this type of machine up on the network.


Data - Mediasite Management - Content Retention Policy

Ross IT manages a video lecture capture system called Mediasite which provides the ability to create video content related to classes and events.  This policy describes the process that is followed by Ross IT support staff regarding the Mediasite content pertaining to content retention, storage time, storage locations etc.