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Participation and Attendance Tracking & Seating Chart Tool

With the Classroom Seating Chart Tool, faculty can track student participation and attendance and generate names for cold calling with an easy-to-use, intuitive interface. This functionality builds upon the tool as it has always been, which means that when it comes to creating, building and accessing the seating charts, the process hasn't changed. The Seating Chart Tool is accessible on any device from which you can connect to iMpact, and since it’s web based it can be used on a variety of devices ranging from the desktop computers in the Ross classrooms to a laptop or even a tablet device like an iPad.

Use the link in the bottom of iMpact, under "Fac/Staff Tools" or click here to access the Seating Chart tool, and watch the following video for an overview (video will play in a new browser tab).


Below, click on the function you'd like to learn more about. If you'd like to read about how this project got started, click here.

Opening the Seating Chart Tool

Tracking Participation and Attendance

Moving Backward or Forward to View Different Class Sessions

Random Name Generating and Cold Calling

Self-Reported Absences

Generating a Final Report