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Our Quality Measures

Our Helpdesk, Classroom and support teams work hard to deal with problems as they arise quickly and efficiently. As each call comes in, the problem is first evaluated based on its impact on you. If the problem prevents you from working on critical time-sensitive tasks, the call is escalated to the top of the queue for immediate attention.

To help us help you, we ask that you:

  • Report all computer-related problems promptly.
  • Be available to identify the problem to our staff and work with her/him.
  • Contact us before making any changes to the system hardware or software.
  • Keep yourself informed about the schedule of all planned network, hardware, and software changes and all major CS activities.
  • Take responsibility for educating yourself on a continuing basis regarding computer-related skills. CS will occasionally offer relevant topical training or software/hardware introductory sessions, but consider seeking out dedicated training on things like Microsoft Office, cloud services like Google Apps, or Windows to increase your productivity and minimize time spent seeking help.
  • Maintain an updated version of virus protection software on your system by following the guidelines provided by Computing Services.
  • Communicate any computer-related concerns to members of CS.


Helpdesk & Classroom Support Calls for the Last Six Months