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File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

FTP, short for File Transfer Protocol, is a method of exchanging files over the Internet.  Ross offers FTP access to the R: drive, enabling users to access and use files, edit their webuser site, or share files with guests and outside contacts using the GuestFTP service (explained below.) 

Secure FTP Program

Faculty, staff, and students can access the contents of the R: drive using an FTP program. Pre-configured Ross computers will have FTP software preinstalled, but there are lots of free FTP utilities out there if you do not already have one. Enter the following credentials into the program to connect to the network folders:

  • Host Name:
  • Host Type: automatic detect
  • User ID/Login: uniqname
  • Password: Kerberos password

Access using Internet Explorer 

Internet Explorer has a way to connect using FTP if you're unwilling or unable to use a standalone FTP program.  Other browsers, such as Netscape, will not work.

"Enable FTP Folder View" must be selected on the Advanced tab of the Internet Options window, as seen below.

  1. Using the Internet Explorer web browser, navigate to
  2. Login with your uniqname and Kerberos password
  3. Soon, you'll be connected to and see the contents of the R: drive
  4. Navigate to any folder you have permission to access (such as your personal folder in FacStaff, or your webuser space)
  5. Drag and drop files to and from the browser window to transfer them between your computer and the network

Tip: After connecting, view the folder in "Windows Explorer" mode by selecting it from the View menu in Internet Explorer, as seen below.


Guest access to the FTP network folder

Use Guest FTP to send a large file to an external colleague when a file is too large to go through an email system and you're unable to use Google Docs or the Box cloud storage service.  Simply upload the file to a location in the R:/Public/GuestFTP folder, and send your colleague a link to the GuestFTP page (see sidebar) for instructions on how they can log in.