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What is Mediasite?

Mediasite is our video capture and distribution system. If it helps, think of it as something like YouTube, if we hosted and ran YouTube right here at Ross. The difference is that in addition to hosting and playing back regular video, Mediasite also has the ability to capture live video and give audience members the ability to ask questions, click supplemental links, and advance through chapters... all without the annoying YouTube comments.

Meanwhile, the integrated recorders in the Ross classrooms capture two "feeds" simultaneously; one of the presenter and the other of the presenter's slides or material. This allows a viewer to choose what they want to focus on as they play back the presentation. So Mediasite is a lot more than YouTube, but just as easy to use.

Why Use Mediasite?

You might choose to free up valuable in-person class time by pre-recording lectures, or supplement traditional in-person outreach or pedagogy. You could stream your events and guest presentations live over the Internet and then make them available on-demand.

In short, with Mediasite, you're in charge of how something gets created, how it's managed, and how it's delivered.


  • Use the integrated Mediasite recorders built into each classroom in the Ross building
  • Tap "Record" on the lectern and you're good to go
  • If you already have a video file, simply upload the file to your personalized MyMediasite interface
  • Using a web based tool, record what happens on your screen and add your own narration to produce a screencast


  • Edit your videos without installing expensive or clunky software
  • Control who has access to your videos
  • Track viewing statistics, such as uniquename and average duration watched.


  • Get a custom URL to each of your videos and post it into Canvas, send it in an email, or otherwise distribute as you see fit.

Log into Mediasite Here

Using Mediasite


Sharing a Mediasite video:



Mediasite offers a number of videos instructing users on completing basic tasks. A list of those videos may be found here.


For assistance or questions about Mediasite, please contact Ross IT Support via one of the following options: