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Tozzi Financial Trading Center

The trading floor in the John R. and Georgene M. Tozzi Electronic Business and Finance Center, is one of the largest academic trading floors in the US, and is accessible to students and faculty at the Ross School of Business. Each week the trading floor gets about 500 and 700 student visits and on some weeks it receives over 1000 students for classes, projects, clubs and tours. It is open to students in MBA, Evening MBA, Weekend MBA, BBA, PhD, MACC, Financial Engineering, and Exec Ed courses, as well as a variety of clubs and high school groups. Any class that has homework relating to company/sector/industry research will benefit from the resources in Tozzi.

Although classes on 'Applied Financial Analysis and Portfolio Management', 'Financial Trading', and 'Hedgefunds' are held in the trading floor, it is also utilized for classes, homework, projects and research in Valuation, Financial Engineering, Corporate Strategy, Economics, Accounting, Finance, Private Equity, Entrepreneurial Studies, Marketing and many others.

The trading floor provides access to a variety of programs, such as Barra, Bloomberg, eSignal, eVal, FTS Trading Systems, Trading Technologies, and FactSet. FactSet is used by investment managers, hedge funds, wealth managers, investment bankers, research shops, private capital, sales & trading, legal professionals, and corporations. It pulls in data from Compustat, First Call, I/B/E/S, Worldscope, Reuters, DRI, OECD, IMF, BCI and others into one convenient and powerful application. Data can be obtained relating to prices, fundamentals, estimates, global news, broker research, events and transcripts, economics, benchmarks, mutual funds, bond prices, ownership, deal data, classifications, global exchange indices and quantitative data.