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Ross Lectern Features

Touch Screen Layout

The Ross lectern is a touch screen interface giving you control of nearly everything that happens in the classroom. Click the image below for a larger image that you can print out and take with you for quick reference, if needed.


Completely Adjustable

The physical lectern can be completely adjusted to fit the comfort of the presenter:

  • The angle of the monitor can be raised or lowered into the podium.
  • The height lectern can be raised and lowered to fit the height of the presenter.
  • The mouse platform can move from one side of the keyboard to the other for both right and left-handed users.

Dual Monitors

Two separate screens can be displayed at any time. You can run a video on one screen and a PowerPoint on the other. Or you can have two different applications or webpages displayed on each screen.

Control of the Room Environment

Straight from the touch screen on the lectern, you can control the lights, computer volume, microphone volume, and even open or close the window blinds.

Lecture Capture

Lectures can be recorded using simple selections on the lectern touch screen, then posted for your students.

Saving Settings with Profiles

Your particular room settings, such as lights and volume, can be stored as one of six profiles. When you log in to the lectern in any room, these profiles will be available to you so you can instantly make your room adjustments.


Annotation allows you to highlight and call-out important points, as well as draw and diagram on the monitor display on the touch screen using only your fingers.