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Mediasite (Video & Lecture Capture)

Each classroom at Ross (with the exception of those in Kresge and Wyly) come equipped with a built-in lecture capture technology called Mediasite.

The Mediasite Recorder is a full-featured, rich media and video recording system designed with the presenter in mind. Mediasite Recorders are designed to capture in-room presentations, remote events, and video conferences. With simple one-touch operation from the lectern, video, audio, and visual content are immediately captured, synchronized, and converted into high-quality presentations.

Both the video and audio of the instructor, as well as whatever is being shown on the projector, is captured and recorded. When viewed on the web, the video is shown side-by-side with the projected content. Thumbnails of the content are provided for quick navigation. This makes the system particularly well suited for presentations where the content being shown on the projector is the most important visual element.

What follows are ways in which Mediasite is typically used, but don't let these ideas limit you; we're always open to hearing about new and interesting ways you think this technology can be put to use.

If you'd like to use Mediasite yourself and need some help getting started, use the list along the side-bar (at right) to get started, or contact the Helpdesk.

Make classes available for students

You can't avoid it--life happens, and on occasion a student will need to miss a lecture. In the past, if the student knew ahead of time, they had the option of copying notes from a classmate or asking someone to bring a voice recorder to pass off to them later.  Now, you can use Mediasite to record the class session and post it so no student will get behind because of circumstances out of their control.  It runs so smoothly in the background, it barely takes any extra time at the start of class to make sure it's running.

In this case, though, it's more than just for the absent student.  Students can also benefit by having the ability to review previous class sessions when studying for final exams. They can access the session and fast-forward, rewind and pause as they review the material.

Record review sessions one time

Perhaps you have a review session that you have to teach every year to get students up to speed. Rather than wasting valuable class time, record the review session one time and post a link so people can watch it later. Now you can tell your students to watch the review on their own time and you can get right down to teaching.

Record orientations

The beginning of a semester is a very busy time for our new students. Many of them simply do not have the time to attend a scheduled orientation session. This can place them at a disadvantage because of the important information that is presented in orientations. Record an orientation session and them post it for the students to watch when they have time.

There is a lot of information that needs to be available to our new staff members. However, with the sporadic nature of turn over, it is difficult to schedule orientations in a timely manner. Record a staff orientation and make it available to new staff. Then they can get started in their new job with the information they need to know.

A good example of this is our own Ross Technology Orientation videos, which were offered streaming, live, near the end of the summer, but remain online in an on-demand capacity for people to review later, if desired.

Record important meetings

Faculty meeting and managers meetings present a lot of important information. But perhaps a faculty member cannot attend because they are on sabbatical or teaching at that time, or a manager has another meeting to attend. So these members of the Ross Community can learn about what was presented, they can watch the posted capture.

Likewise, the Dean's Staff Forums present important information about the happenings at Ross. But a staff member may be out that day, or have an important deadline to meet which prevents them from attending. Once they have a free moment, they can watch the forum online.

Record important events for archiving

So many high-profile speakers come to Ross, it's nearly impossible to catch them all in person. These events can be recorded and posted for any member of the Ross Community--or the world, if you choose--to view.