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e-Classroom Instructional Lab

NOTE: The eClassroom is currently in something of a transition phase. E1405 has been transformed, while the 70 laptops referenced below are now utilized by request in E0530. Students also have the option of connecting to our virtual lab service if special software is needed for assignments. Please contact the Helpdesk for details and more information.

Sometimes you might need some lab space for your class session. That's what the eClassroom is for!

The eClassroom can seat up to 70 students, and laptops can be provided for some of the special software the students may need to use, such as @Risk or SPSS. All of the laptops are configured with the same software applications as the classrooms.

The desks can easily be arranged into "pods", so you can have the students break into groups, then get them back to continue the lecture.

The eClassroom and dedicated laptops can be reserved by faculty whenever they need instructional lab space.  Unlike the other rooms around the school, please contact