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Classroom Software

Application Name Version
7-Zip 9.2
Adobe Acrobat X Pro 10
Adobe Distiller X 10
Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES 2 9
Adobe Photoshop CS5
Adobe Reader XI 11
Adobe Shockwave Player 11
Crystal Ball 11.1.2
eVal3 3
Internet Explorer 9
iTunes 11
Mozilla Firefox latest
Java Runtime Environment SE 6
Microsoft Lync 2010
Microsoft Expression 3
Microsoft Forefront 2010
Microsoft Office Suite Professional 2010
Microsoft Visio Standard 2010
Microsoft Silverlight 4.0.6
Palisade Decision Tools
(@RISK, Evolver, NeuralTools, PrecisionTree, RISKOptimizer, StatTools, TopRank)
Prowess 4
QuickTime 7.7
Sawtooth Software 3.2.0
Stratsim 5.0
Windows Media Player 12.0
Marketing Engineering 1.6

Requesting Software

This software is changed on a once-per-term cycle, prior to every 14-week term.

Faculty members can request changes for the upcoming semester by emailing the Helpdesk (

It is important to make requests prior to the semester needed. Faculty are responsible for providing adequate lead-time to obtain licensing, perform testing, etc. for the necessary changes to be made to the lab/classroom environments for their respective courses.

Our staff will accommodate only minor changes (such as add-ons) to the software during a 14-week course cycle.