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Audience Response Systems

Turning Point Technology (Service being replaced with iClicker)

For any inquiries regarding the transition from TurningPoint to iClicker, please contact Ross IT Support

TurningPoint audience response system allows audiences and students to participate in presentations or lectures by submitting responses to interactive questions using ResponseCard keypads, nicknamed "Clickers".

The TurningPoint system works with PowerPoint to add interactive features such as quizzes, polls, and surveys into presentations. Students respond to the instructor's multiple choice questions using the Clickers. Then, TurningPoint gathers responses from each participant and quickly translates them into measurable results in the form of test scores, charts, and graphs.

The system gives instructors immediate feedback on whether or not students are grasping the concepts being presented, so instruction can be adjusted accordingly. TurningPoint also allows you store the data for archiving or for use in future course planning.

The use of Clickers may also help students focus on lecture content by engaging them in a two-way interaction as opposed to the one-way format of a traditional lecture.

Benefits of Using an Audience Response System

  • Engage students in active learning; improve student participation in class
  • Provide faculty with instant feedback of students' understanding of concepts and class content
  • Provide students with instant feedback about their understanding of class content
  • Use analysis of student responses as the basis for class discussion
  • Customize instruction based on student responses

Installing Turning-Point Software

Installation Instructions | Install for Windows | Install for Mac OS X

Using Turning-Point Application

For instructional videos on how to use the Turning-Point software, see link below:

Video Tutorials for Educators