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Accessibility Options for the Classroom

Hearing Impaired Students

For those that are hard of hearing, you could request a note taker through the Division of Student Affairs, but everyone has their own style of taking notes. Following someone else's notes may not be very helpful. Also, if you are more of an audio learner then visual, it's hard to grasp the concepts when you cannot hear the professor clearly.

For that reason, Ross offers special listening devices to assist the hearing impaired. Infrared sensors are installed in all of the large classrooms in the Ross Building, which can detect the presence of assisted listening devices in the room. These devices are a headphone set that connects with these sensors and the volume of the lecture is amplified.

How to Get Devices

Assisted Listening Devices can be obtained on a per-day basis. Send an email to Ross Classroom Support to get started.

NOTE: We have a limited number of devices, so be sure to give at least one day's notice.