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Annotation (and Doceri)

Laser pointers, the mouse, pointing to the screen with a ruler... there are many ways to draw attention to particular areas of your slides. But sometimes, the best way is to draw directly on the screen. Ross lecterns make this easy.

Annotate Using Doceri for iPad

If you have an iPad, the best way to annotate is using a free app called Doceri.

Doceri is known as an "interactive whiteboard" App for iPad. With corresponding software pre-installed on the Ross classroom PC, the Doceri App will allow you to view the lectern computer screen directly on your iPad. You can control the screen as if you were sitting right in front of it--advance slides, open web sites, play videos. What's more, you can use your finger (or a stylus) to draw right on your iPad screen, and everything you do is shown on the in-room projector. Doceri also allows you to export your annotations for later viewing, or pre-record animations to play back during your lecture.

To get started, you just have to download the free Doceri App from the iTunes store and be sure you're connected to the MWireless-Ross wireless network.

How do I use "Doceri?"

  1. Log in to the classroom computer
  2. Click the Start menu, browse to, and run the Doceri Desktop Application
  3. Define a custom password, and begin
  4. On your iPad, open the Doceri App and browse for the room you're in
  5. Enter your custom password from step four
  6. Begin remote controlling the desktop, and draw right on the screen!

Using the Ross L​ectern to Annotate

The Ross Lectern allows you to easily draw onto the projection of any document or application being shown on the desktop PC. Think of it like drawing right on the monitor. You can use a stylus on the touch screen or just press the screen with your finger and draw.

How do I use "Ann​ot​ate?"

The Annotation tab is available when you have a Screen tab selected. Choose which screen you want to draw on and select the Annotate tab. You're only able to annotate one screen at a time.

When in Annotate mode, the screen will switch to "Full View" mode and the annotate menu bar will open. The menu offers a number of choices to give you complete flexibility in how you want to draw and call attention to parts of the screen.