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Guest FTP

Ross personnelplease follow the instructions below to retrieve or upload a file.

This page contains instructions on how a guest without a uniqname can access the GuestFTP portion of the R: drive.  You can use this method to share files with a colleague if you're unable to use other methods like email, Box, or Google Docs. Please read the "things you should know" section below. Before sharing the URL to this page with your external colleague, please upload the file or files you wish to share to the R:\Public\GuestFTP location.

Guestsplease follow the instructions below to retrieve or upload a file.

  1. Open the Internet Explorer web browser
  2. Go to Tools, Internet Options, and click the Advanced tab
  3. Be sure "Enable FTP Folder View" is selected (as seen below)

  4. Click OK
  5. Navigate to
  6. When prompted, enter bus-guestftp as a username; Ross-FTW as a password
  7. Once logged in, for the best experience select "Windows Explorer" mode from the View menu (as seen below)

Colleagues using the GuestFTP credentials can also upload a file for you using the same web address and password.  Once in "Windows Explorer" mode, uploading is as easy as dragging and dropping the file.

Things you should know

  • If the files you need to share contain confidential information, please consider alternative means of sharing.
  • R:\Public\GuestFTP is a temporary "swap" location. Only use this space to transfer files, not to store them.
  • Any file that has not been accessed (read, modified, or created) within 30 days will be automatically deleted.
  • Since this is a shared directory, you are responsible for managing your files and making sure sensitive files are deleted after they are retrieved.