Formatting Mediasite Content to an .mp4 file

The following instructions will direct you on how to format your Mediasite content to be downloaded as an .mp4 file:

Step 1: Mediasite URL

In your web browser (Chrome, FireFox, Edge, etc.) type in

Step 2: Login

At the login screen type your UM credentials into the designated fields

Step 3: Selecting Your User Folder

Once logged in select the folder with your uniqname to view all of your Mediasite content.

Step 4: Select File

Select the title of the file you wish to create into an .mp4 format. This will open the file options menu:

Step 5: Select Delivery Option

Once the file option menu is open. Select (in this order) Edit > Delivery.

Step 6: Check Video Podcast Box

In the delivery options menu, select the "Video Podcast" checkbox located on the left and select the "MP4 Export" option. Once all options have been selected press the "Save" button. This will begin the formatting process. The timeline of your file will dictate the length of the process (ex. 45min video may take up to 45min to fully process):

Step 7: Downloading the .mp4 File

Once the formatting process is complete. In the main content menu there will be a "Download Video Podcast" button. Select this button to download your Mediasite Content: