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Using the Classroom

Classroom Equipment

The Ross School of Business classrooms offer a variety of technology for use during class sessions or special events. Please see below for a list of the in-room technology:

  • Touch Display Panel
  • In Room PC
  • Document Camera
  • Mediasite Lecture Capture (where available)
  • Video Conferencing (BlueJeans) (where available)
  • Wireless Microphone Setup

Using the Classroom Equipment

Computer Login

To log into the in room PC, you will need to use your UM uniquname and password. Logging into the PC will allow you to access all of your network drives.

Projecting a Laptop

To project a laptop, please see the following instructions:

  1. Using the podium touch panel, select the Laptop source
  2. Remove the provided VGA display cable from the top compartment of the podium (The cable also comes equipped with a Microusb adapter to be used on laptops not equipped with a VGA port)
  3. Connect cable to designated port on your laptop
  4. If laptop does not immediately display, use one of the following solutions:
    1. Windows: Press 'Fn' + 'F8' or 'F5' (on most laptops).
    2. Mac OS X: Open 'System Preferences' and select 'Display' > 'Arrangement'. Select the 'Mirror Displays' box located on the lower left side of the screen.

    Projecting a Document Camera

    To display the document camera, use the following instructions:

    1. Lift the display arm and the unit will turn on. If the display does not immediately turn on, press the power button
    2. On the podium touch panel, set the source to 'Document Camera'
    3. You will then need to select which monitors you wish to display the device
    4. To finish the process, select 'Activate'

    Reservations & Support

    Classroom reservations can be made by contacting the Facilities Office:

    For assistance or have questions regarding the classroom technology and its uses, please contact Ross IT Support: