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Security Practices

Security of information at UM is top priority. We must handle all sensitive information entrusted to us with care. Please see the following link for more information on best security practices at UM:

Security Best Practices  

Ross IT Support 

Ross IT Support is the frontline support of the Computing Services Department. They are the team that maintains all of the technology provided by Ross. Our knowledgeable staff can assist in troubleshooting computer problems, answer questions, and work to resolve any issues relating to Ross technology.

Contact Information:
- Phone: (734)-615-3000
- Email: RossITSupport@umich.edu

Reserving Rooms

As a student of the Ross School of Business. You have the ability to make room reservations in any of the following spaces:

Study Room | Conference Rooms | Classrooms

Use the link below to be taken to the room scheduling system:

Reservation Wizard 


University of Michigan offers a browser base printing solution known as MPrint. This web based solution allows for you to print directly to the printer you wish to deliver your documents to. To use MPrint, see instructions below:

Instructions | Go to MPrint | Setting Up Printing

Using BlueJeans

BlueJeans is a cloud based video conferencing service. As a student of UM you have been provided with your own BlueJeans account. Please see links below on how to use and access your BlueJeans account:

Using BlueJeans | Login | Mobile Devices

Wireless Networks

There are a few wireless (WiFi) networks you may notice while at Ross. The vast majority will only ever use MWireless. Please see link below for more information on the wireless networks provided by UM:

Wireless Networks

Equipment Loans

As a Ross Faculty & Staff you have the ability to reserve equipment from the technology equipment loan pool. Ross IT offers a wide variety of equipment that you may check out for your event, team, project, or other academic pursuits. To see a list of available equipment, please see the following links:

Reserve Equipment | My Loans