Creating Vodcast

Creating Vodcast

This process is primarily for EMBA students who wish to download EMBA recordings to their mobile devices without having to connect to Mediasite via Wi-Fi. This is especially useful to those who are traveling.

Step 1: Log into MyMediasite

In your web browser (Chrome, FireFox, Edge, etc.) MyMediasite Portal

Step 2: Login

At the login screen type in your UM credentials into the designated fields

Step 3: Navigate to File

Navigate to and select the recording you wish to set as a Video Podcast

Step 4: Main Menu

From the main menu, select the "Edit" tab.

Step 5: Edit Tab

Within the Edit tab, select the Deliver tab located beneath the video preview window.

Step 6: Deliver Tab

In the Delivery tab, Select the Video Podcast checkbox and choose the EMBA (Slides and Video) option.

Step 7: Initiating Video Podcast Process

Once you have selected the options from the previous step, select the "Save" button, located at the top of the menu box. This will initiate the Video Podcast creation process.

Note - the process may take as long as the length of the recording (ex. a 5min recording may take 5min to process)

Step 8: Downloading Video Podcast

To download the Video Podcast file, return to the recording main menu and select the "Download Video Podcast".