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Changing iMpact Email Digest Preferences

Departments and clubs at Ross have the ability to send announcements and messages to specific groups of people within the Ross community using iMpact. Items will appear on the front page and, if desired, be sent as an email. By default, members of the Ross community will receive a once daily digest of these announcements and messages in order to reduce the frequency of emails.

You can change how much and what kinds of emails you receive by modifying your "Email Digest Settings." Below, you'll find a walk-thru on how to do this.

Video Tutorial


Step One

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "My Email Digest Settings."

Step Two

Control which departments and clubs you receive immediate individual emails, which ones you'd rather have included as a daily digest, and which ones you want to opt-out of entirely by clicking "Edit" next to the respective category of senders (Departments or Clubs).