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Subscribe to the Ross Academic Calendar

The instructions below refer to the digital Ross Academic Calendar.  If you're just looking for quick list of important dates, click here.

The Ross Academic Calendar is available as a shared Google Calendar. This eliminates the need for printing annual copies, and allows for greater flexibility because dates and events can be edited as needed. As such, you will only need to follow the instructions below one time. It will be updated every August for the upcoming academic year.

Please make sure you are logged in to your UM Google account before following the instructions below.

Click here to add the Ross Academic Calendar. It will open in another browser window or tab.

You will see the following message:

Clicking "Yes, add this calendar" will make it so that you can easily view the calendar in the future by clicking it as it appears along the left side of your screen, as seen below.

Note that clicking the drop-down arrow next to the calendar will allow you to select settings, such as changing the display color.


Hard copy?

If you prefer a printed copy of this calendar, you have the option of printing it from within Google. When viewing the calendar, the "Print" option can be found under the "More" button near the upper right corner.



In the event you want to remove the calendar from your account, do the following:

In Calendar mode, go into your Calendar Settings by clicking the Gear icon in the upper right corner of your calendar, and clicking "Settings".

Then, under the "Calendars" tab, locate "Ross Academic Calendar", and click "Unsubscribe".