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iMpact Panel

Each recognized club may appoint two officers to have access to the iMpact mass email tool. This access allows the two managers to do the following:

  • Create email messages that can be sent to members of the community using the following steps:

  1. You will need to log into your iMpact account at
  2. On the main iMpact page you will need to select the “Administration” button located on the top section of the screen
  3. On the following page, select “iMpact Email / Panel Administration”
  4. On the next page, select the “Compose a new (Your Group Name) item/email”
  5. From this page you will need to select from the provided groups you wish to send your email to (i.e. B-School Student, MBA - Current, etc. )
  6. You will then need to type in a subject heading and your email content.
  7. Once you have completed selecting the desired groups and writing up your email, select the “Save & Continue” located at the end of the email section.
  8. On the final page you will be able to view how your email will look once sent. When ready to send out the email you may select from “Sent TEST email to ME”, “Send FINAL email and post news NOW” or “Schedule FINAL email and post news AT THE ABOVE TIME”

* Please Note:

- Send TEST email to ME - Will send a test email to you and not the groups selected.
- Send FINAL email and post news NOW - Will immediately send out your email message and post the news to iMpact.
- Schedule FINAL email and post news AT THE TIME ABOVE - Will allow you to choose a date/time for your email to be sent out and post to iMpact

  • Post information to the iMpact Bulletin Board


Two club officers for administrative access are submitted during the spring transition, but if a club needs to update officer access on iMpact, please contact (BBA) or (MBA).