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Event Planning Resources for Student Clubs

Events Calendar

Consult the BBA Club Events CalendarMBA Major Events Calendar, and the Ross CampusGroups Calendar when planning events for students. The Program Offices manage the Major Events calendar, but clubs can request to add their major club events to that calendar.

Reserving Space at Ross

Ross Operations is committed to the provision of space in support of all instructional, administrative, and Council-recognized student organization activities. Unlike other venues on campus that may exist primarily or solely for events, Ross must prioritize the use of its space for academic purposes. Please review the Ross Facility Guidelines. Note: Classrooms and breakout space may be reserved after the academic calendar has been confirmed and published (July).

To request a room at Ross, please fill out the Event Space Request Form with Reservations for major event spaces (Colloquiums, Robertson) must be done through your Program Office. After your reservation is confirmed, Ross Operations can assist with layout, tables & chairs, registration tables, coat racks, easels for signs, and more.

Reserving Space outside of Ross

Given space constraints at Ross, you may consider holding your event at one of the University Unions (Michigan Union, Michigan League, etc.). External vendor suggestions can be found here.

Event Contracts

If the event is co-sponsored by the University through your Program Office (and an Event Sponsorship Agreement is on file), the contract must be signed by the Regents of the University. Your Program Office will manage this process with Procurement.

If the student organization is signing the contract on their own, it should be clear that the student organization is not signing on behalf of the University (i.e. should not say University of Michigan or Ross School of Business on the contract).


Contact to arrange catering service including menu, headcount, timing, linens, etc. Ross affiliated student clubs receive a 10% discount on orders or they can choose to order from the Student Club Menu.

Special Event Catering: Catering at Ross is now the dedicated on-site caterer for all special event catering in major spaces (Colloquiums, Robertson) with exclusive use of all kitchen facilities. No other caterer is allowed to provide these services within the RSB complex. Catering at Ross can facilitate orders with select vendors. See more information in the Ross Facility Guidelines.

Drop-Off Foods: For more casual events and meetings, “drop-off” foods that do not require on-site food preparation, warming or cooling trays, or on-site staffing, can be ordered through other vendors; you are not restricted to using Catering at Ross. In this case, the club is completely responsible for the food order, set up, serving, and clean up.

Hotels & Accommodations

Accommodations for speakers and guests are available around Ann Arbor.  See a list of suggested hotels in the area, or contact the Executive Residence.

Parking & Transportation

Options for parking can be found here. To bag meters for your event, contact your Program Office. Validation passes can be used at the Forest Street lot for co-sponsored student events. For day-of-event vendor parking at Ross' loading dock for vendors, contact to request a pass. Spaces are limited.

Authorized student organizations may charter University buses or rent charters with drivers. Charters are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis. Recommended outside suppliers include Blue Lakes, Getaway Tours, and Dean Trailways. If you find availability with an outside supplier, obtain a contract and contact your Program Office to have it reviewed and signed.

Ross IT Support

Please contact for AV needs including presentations, microphones, recording, and timed assists.
If you plan on recording any part of your event, you will need a video release waiver on file for any speaker or panelist who will be recorded.


Digital poster displays are located throughout the Ross campus as well as on the Home and News tabs of My iMpact. You can submit a poster to be displayed in one media or both. To submit your poster, make certain it meets the requirements, then email the file to to be posted on our digital displays. Requirements, templates, and more information can be found here.

Each club has two selected iMpact panel managers with access to send out Ross-wide email messages to promote events. For more information and instructions, visit the iMpact panel page here.

Printing Materials

To request nametags and/or name tents, see the personalized items page on iMpact. OfficeMax and FedEx are preferred vendors of the University and can print large quantities of brochures and posters. They will deliver to Ross.

Your email request should include the following information:

  • PDF files
  • Specifics: cardstock, sticky back, ink specs, full-color logo, etc.
  • Return date (expect a few days turnaround time)
  • Short code (account) number

Dean's Attendance

If you would like the Dean to introduce a speaker or attend one of your events, please email your Program Office. Include the following information at least four weeks prior to your event:

  • Club name
  • Title of the Event
  • Purpose of the Event
  • Date, Time, Location
  • Agenda (including speakers and their titles)
  • Specifics of how you would like the Dean to be involved

Speakers & Alumni Guests

To request alumni volunteers, submit a request form via iMpact.

If your event will have Ross alumni present, notify Caitlin Johnson at Alumni & Development will provide a small gift for them.


The Events staff at Ross has compiled a list of vendors ranging from caterers, photographers, rentals, etc. These companies have contracts with the University for pricing and offer benefits of lower procurement costs, higher vendor performance levels, and increased value-added services. Use your club's short code to get these services.

Use of Ross & UM Logo

Clubs may not use the Block “M” OR the Ross logo as part of their logo or anywhere on their website. If your club is currently using the Block “M,” please redesign your logo. You will not be re-registered through CCI if you are using the Block M in your logo.

The Ross logo MAY be used on materials (shirts, brochures, etc.) if printed through a University-approved vendor and if the item is not intended to be sold. Please use the Ross approved branding templates that can be found here.

Risk Management

Voluntary Student Organizations (VSOs) are not covered by the university’s insurance unless Ross is co-sponsoring the event. Even if your event is on campus, your organization is still liable. If your club would like to purchase insurance for your event, contact your Program Office for assistance.

Alcohol Policy (MBA Clubs Only)

In accordance with University of Michigan policy, Ross strongly discourages the serving of alcohol to students even if they are of legal age. Under certain very restrictive conditions, however, alcoholic beverages may be served. Clubs must receive approval from the MBA Program Office prior to an event in order for alcohol to be considered. Please reach out to with questions. Please reach out to with questions. Students are expected to drink responsibly and to uphold the Ross values.

Any event that is sponsored or organized by a student organization must comply with the Ross Alcohol Policy.

Alcohol may not be served at events where undergraduates are present, regardless of their age. Special permission given by the Dean’s office may apply for special events.