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Using the Classroom


We are excited for you to experience the updates we made to the Ross classrooms! We worked to create an interface with more intuitive controls and an improved classroom flow.  The following page describes these changes:

Getting Started


Interface Login Screen:

  • You should see this page upon arrival in the classroom
  • If this screen does not appear, we suggest utilizing the “Shutdown” button located in the lower right-hand corner of most screens to bring the system back this page



Continue as Guest: The Continue as Guest login will take you to the Classroom Controls Page. (See Classroom Controls Page)

Please note the following when utilizing "Continue as Guest":

  • The Ross Presenter account remains active to use as a guest login. We are managing the security of this account differently and no longer displaying the credentials on the monitors. The account information will be displayed when you click on the "Continue as Guest" (coming August 26). Prior to August 26th, if you need to use this account, please contact Ross IT at 5-3000 to obtain login information.
  • The recording functionality is not available within the Guest login


Classroom Controls Page:

A. Select the source you wish to display on a screen:

1. Recording controls allow you to start, pause, or start a recording. The "Recording" button allows you to set up specific settings for the recording (recording functionality not available when logging in as Guest).

2. The volume setting controls the source volume currently playing in the classroom.

B. Physical controls within the room (see below for further details).

C. Screen preview and controls:

1. Provides status of each screen (the configuration above indicates that no source is currently displayed in the room).

2. ON/OFF - Turns the projector on and off, but leaves the screens down.

3. Blackout Screen - stops the display to that screen. Blackout Screen status remains the same until pressed again or system shutdown.

4. Whiteboard - Blacks out the projector and raises the screen to provide access to the whiteboard on the wall


Screen Selection & Preview:


Lighting and Shade Controls:


Screen Controls:



Shutdown completes the following steps:

  • Logs you out of the interface and the classroom PC
  • Turns off any projectors in use
  • Resets the Interface to the login screen


Ross IT Assistance:


After pressing the Ross IT Assistance button, you will receive the following confirmation screen:

When you select “Confirm” the button on the Classroom Controls page will be replaced with the following message, letting you know that your assistance request was received:



We've also provided a copy of these instructions in document form.