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Trainers Bio


Benito Olmos

Manager - Och Fitness Center

Benito holds a Bachelor's of Science Degree (Campinas State University, Sao Paulo, Brazil) in physical education majoring in sports training. Additionally, he has completed course work in sports management, nutrition, judo, karate and sports nutrition. He had a diverse career in Brazil, he is the author of several books (Fitness Management and  Resistance Training Programs Prescription ; Sports Training Methodology, Anti-Doping Programs). He was the IFBB Brazil (International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness) scientific director and he is an experienced public speaker, university teacher and fitness consultant. Benito is passionate about healthy living and fitness. Benito has a diverse background and spans a variety of management roles in the Fitness and Sport industry . In addition to English, he is fluent in Portuguese and speaks Spanish.