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Registration Information for Fall 2015: Incoming Evening MBAs

Welcome to Ross! To learn more about the process for course registration for your first term in the Evening MBA program, be sure to review all of the information below carefully!

Registration Planning: Get Ready

Registration opens on August 11th at 8 am. The University catalog and schedule of classes for Fall 2015 is currently available. Be sure to review the schedule and the information below before registration opens.

Q. What courses should I take in my first term?
 Academic Services enrolls incoming Evening MBA students in ACC 501 and MO 501 for their first Fall term to encourage a cohort model, but this model might not suit all students. 

Most incoming students start the Evening MBA program by focusing on completing core courses. Although not required in the first term, it is recommended that students plan to take ACC 501 and TO 501 early in their student career, as these core are prerequisites for other core courses and certain electives. BE 501, MO 501, and MKT 501 are also commonly completed early in the program, and some students have found it helpful to balance their schedule with a mix of quantitative and non-quantitative courses (e.g., pair ACC 501 with MO 501). Ultimately, as an Evening MBA student you have the flexibility to take the classes that best fit your schedule and meet your interests and goals each term. If you do choose to explore electives early in your student career, be sure to review prerequisite information carefully to ensure you meet the requirements for the course.

Students who choose not to participate in the first-year cohort model should add another class to their schedule and drop one or both core courses at their earliest convenience.

Q. How many credits can I plan to take each term?
Evening MBA students can register for a maximum of 7.5 credits in each Fall and Winter full term, and 4.5 credits in each Spring and Summer half term. Newly admitted Evening MBA students may not request a credit limit increase above 7.5 credits in their first term. However, in future terms, students who are in good academic standing may request to increase their credit limit up to 9.0 credits in Fall or Winter terms and up to 7.0 credits in Spring or Summer half terms.

Q. How do I find out which courses are being offered and when?
 You can view the full University schedule (including Ross and non-Ross courses) on Wolverine Access, or via the Office of the Registrar, which has a helpful .CSV file version that can be downloaded and filtered for Ross classes with sections numbered 450-459 to view those classes available for Evening MBA students.

Q. Do I have to take a class this Fall?
 Yes. New students MUST register for and complete at least one course in the first term they are admitted.

Core Requirements: Get Set

Make sure that you are aware of your remaining requirements and register for them in advance of when you plan to graduate. It is YOUR responsibility to make sure you are registering for and completing the appropriate courses. If you have not fulfilled all of your core requirements, you will not graduate.

Q. What are my core requirements?
Review the core curriculum for Evening MBA students.

Q. How can I keep track of which core requirements I have or haven’t completed?
Review your Academic Requirements on Wolverine Access to see a live degree audit of your record, or schedule a Graduate Student Degree Audit Check appointment with an Academic Advisor. Advisors are happy to talk with Evening MBAs in person or via phone or Skype - simply schedule an appointment using the online system and then email to let us know how to reach you. Dual Degree students will need to schedule an "MBA Dual Degree Advising/Issues" appointment to review their remaining requirements.

Q. Can I waive core?
 Yes. Review the Core Course Waiver information (updated each spring) for details. Waiver exams are typically offered in the summer (July/August for the Communication Waiver, and mid to late August for TO 501 and FIN 551).

General Registration: Go!

You will register for Fall 2015 courses on Wolverine Access using the University's general registration process. Please refer to How to Add & Drop Classes for more detailed registration instructions.

Q. When is my registration appointment time?
As a newly admitted Evening MBA student, you will be able to register for classes on Tuesday, August 11th, at 8 am. Be sure to register no later than September 7 in order to avoid late registration fees. 

Q. Do I have to register exactly at my appointment time, and when does my registration close?
You do not need to register exactly at your appointment time, but some classes will fill quickly, or seats may be opened to non-Ross students after registration has been open, so it is to your advantage to register when your appointment time opens. Once your appointment time opens, you can continue to make changes until the drop/add deadlines for that term.

Q. What else can I do using Wolverine Access?
Wolverine Access is the University website that maintains course registration, student records, address updates, and more.  Using your uniqname and password, you can drop or add classes, check your registration or grades, update your address, and request transcripts.  If you have questions about how to use or perform certain functions in Wolverine Access, you can search the help menu for detailed step by step instructions and tips.

Important Rules and Policies: What You Need to Know

It is each student's responsibility to review the course registration rules and policies carefully.

Q. I still have questions.  Is there someone I can talk to?
For quick, general questions relating to registration and other processes, Add/Drop forms, Permissions, Standard Letter Requests, etc., please stop by W3700 during drop-in hours (Monday - Friday, 9:30-11 a.m. or 1:30-3 p.m.), or contact our main office at 734-647-4933 or rossacadservices@umich.edu.

If you have questions regarding course selection or degree requirements, please schedule an appointment with an Academic Advisor through our Academic Counseling appointment system. You can also meet with an Academic Advisor during Academic Advising Drop-in hours (Monday-Tuesday 10 a.m.-12 p.m. and Wednesday-Thursday 2-4 p.m. in W3700) for quick advising questions and urgent issues.