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Registration Information for Fall 2019: Incoming MBA1s, class of 2021

Welcome to Ross! We look forward to seeing you at Orientation on August 5-14. To learn more about the process for course registration for your first term in the Full-Time MBA program, be sure to review all of the information below carefully

Registration Planning: Get Ready

Registration opens in August. The University catalog and schedule of classes for Fall 2019 is available now. Be sure to review the schedule and the information below before registration opens.

Q. What courses will I take in my first term?
A. During the fall term of your MBA1 year you'll primarily be taking required MBA core courses (see Core Requirements below).  Core must be taken in the assigned term, and therefore cannot be dropped unless you've been approved for a waiver. 

Q. Will I have room for electives this fall?
A. Maybe. MBA1 students will take 15.75 credits of core in Fall 2019, which is considered a full load by itself. We do not encourage students to exceed this - especially during their first term. 15.75 credits, the typical MBA1 course load for Fall 2019, will put you ahead of the average of 14.25 credits per semester needed to reach the minimum 57 credits required to graduate. However, all incoming students have space in their schedule during the Fall B period to add either a 1.5 or 2.25 credit elective course.  ACC 552: Management Accounting is a core course that you can choose to take during either Fall B or Winter A. Waiving core courses will free up additional space for electives. Tauber Institute and Erb Institute students will have additional courses required for their program, which will fill their fall schedules unless a core course is waived.

Remember, your first term in the MBA program will be an adjustment, so you are encouraged to plan your course load carefully. Keep in mind that the core course work is intense, and that fall semester is also packed with recruiting events, club and section activities, leadership opportunities, the Michigan football season, and simply acclimating to school life and a new town! If you have concerns about your course load be sure to talk with your Academic Advisor.

Q. How do I get registered for classes?
A. Ross Registrar’s Office will load you into your required core courses in early August.  Starting in August, you'll be able to make changes to your schedule, such as dropping waived core courses and adding electives (see General Registration below).

Q. Where do I look up my schedule?
A. Wolverine Access is the University website that maintains course registration, student records, address updates, and more.  Using your uniqname and password, you can drop or add classes, check your registration or grades, update your address, and request transcripts.  If you have questions about how to use or perform certain functions in Wolverine Access, you can search the help menu for detailed step by step instructions and tips. Ross Registrar’s Office has also prepared instructions regarding How to Add & Drop Classes posted on iMpact.

Q. How do I find out what courses are being offered and when?
A. You can view the full University schedule (including Ross and non-Ross courses) on Wolverine Access, or via the Office of the Registrar, which has a helpful .CSV file version that can be downloaded/sorted for specific units, days, times, etc.  For general overviews of business courses being offered each term, browse the Ross course descriptions

Q. I want to shop around for a good deal on textbooks.  Can I get a list of books I'll need?
A. Textbook and other course requirements are typically available on each course's Canvas web site.  Since access to an individual course's Canvas site is not available until after you are registered for that course, textbook information is posted here (link coming in July) to help you plan ahead.

Core Requirements: Get Set

Ross Registrar’s Office will load newly admitted full-time MBA1 students into the required fall core before registration opens in August.  It is YOUR responsibility to make sure you are registering for and completing the appropriate requirements outside of this core (Business Law, Competing in the Global Business Environment) over the next two years.

Q. What are my core requirements?
A. Review the core curriculum for full-time MBA students to see which 15.75 credits of core courses Ross Registrar’s Office will load you into for Fall 2019. Students who don't waive any fall core will take 9 credits in Fall A and 6.75 credits in Fall B. Students who waive core may wish to schedule an appointment with their Academic Advisor to discuss their options.

Q. Which core can I waive?
A. It is possible to waive all core courses except for MAP. More information on this process is available on the Admitted Student Guide and has been emailed to you by the MBA Program Office.

Q. How can I keep track of which core requirements I have or haven’t completed?
A. After registration opens in August, you can review your Academic Requirements on Wolverine Access to see a live degree audit of your record. You may also review the core curriculum, track your progress using the Degree Requirements Checklist, and schedule an appointment with your Academic Advisor periodically to discuss your academic plan and ensure you are on track for graduation. Dual Degree students will need to schedule an "MBA Dual Degree Advising/Issues" appointment.

General Registration: Go!

Registration opens in August for newly admitted MBA1s. Students will be able to drop any waived core courses and add any additional electives or degree requirements at that time.  Please refer to How to Add & Drop Classes for more detailed registration instructions.

Q. When can I begin making changes to my Fall 2019 schedule?
A. Incoming MBA1s will be able to adjust their schedules starting in August using Wolverine Access

Q. Do I have to register exactly at my appointment time, and when does my registration close?
A. You do not need to register exactly at your appointment time, but some classes will fill quickly, or seats may be opened to non-Ross students after registration has been open for a week or more. Please plan to make any changes to your schedule once registration opens or in the week immediately following, in order to register for the course of your choice.  The quantity of second year students shifting classes will increase dramatically the closer we get to the start of the fall term, Tuesday, September 3. Once your appointment time opens, you can continue to make changes until the drop/add deadlines for Fall 2019.

Q. Do I register for Fall A and Fall B classes at the same time?
A. Yes. Once registration opens you'll be able to make changes to your Fall A (1st 7-week), Fall B (2nd 7-week), and full-term (14-week) classes. 

Q. How many credits can I plan to take each term?
A. Full-time MBA students typically average 15 credits per term. To reach the 57 total credits minimum needed to graduate, students will need to average 14.25 credits per semester. The maximum limit for the full semester is 18 credits.

Q. What other degree requirements or electives classes can I take?
A. You may choose to take an elective in your area of interest to prepare you for your internship, or you can choose to complete one of the additional degree requirements.  Some specific elective options that are often considered by newly admitted MBA1s are also listed below.   Reviewing our current Course Descriptions may help you decide. 

  • Additional Degree Requirements
    • Strategy 503: Competing in the Global Business Environment (1.5 credits) must be completed at some time during your two years.  Note that STRATEGY 503 is a required prerequisite for some upper level STRATEGY electives.  If you hope to register for elective courses in your second year that require this course as a prerequisite, you will want to complete STRATEGY 503 in your first year.
    • Communication Competency Requirement: In addition to your core courses, you must fulfill a communication requirement in order to graduate. 
    • Business Law Requirement: This requirement can be met by waiver request or by taking ONE of a selection of courses at any time during the two years. (Students who have earned a Juris Doctor degree are automatically waived from this requirement.) The following courses will satisfy the Business Law requirement: BL/ES 504, BL 507, BL 508, BL 509, BL 512, BL 513, BL 514, BL 517, or BL 582.
    • Non-Business Courses:  MBAs may elect graduate-level non-Business School courses at UM-Ann Arbor (up to a maximum of 10 credits throughout your MBA career).  Courses from other graduate programs are listed in the University Time Schedule.

Important Rules and Policies: What You Need to Know

It is each student's responsibility to review the course registration rules and policies carefully.

Q. I still have questions.  Is there someone I can talk to?
A. For quick, general questions relating to registration and other processes, Add/Drop forms, Permissions, Standard Letter Requests, etc., please contact Ross Registrar’s Office at 734.647.4933 or

If you have questions regarding course selection or degree requirements, please schedule an appointment with an Academic Advisor through our Academic Advising appointment system. You can also meet with an Academic Advisor during Academic Advising Drop-in hours (Tuesday and Wednesday 1:00-2:00 PM in K2520) for quick advising questions and urgent issues.