What is a Permission?

A permission, or override, allows students to enroll in a class if there are certain restrictions active in the system that block them from enrolling.

When do I need a Permission?

A student would need to obtain a permission from a professor in the following instances:

  • A class is closed:
    • Class is set up as permission of instructor only
    • Class is full – but instructor is willing to admit students above capacity, or, if there is a waitlist, as enrolled students drop and seats become available.
  • A class is open, but the student does not meet the requirements for enrolling in the course (in this instance, students should clearly let the instructor know which requirement they do not meet, and offer an explanation for why they should be eligible to enroll):
    • Student does not meet the listed “Course” Prerequisites
    • Student does not match the student type for which seats are reserved (e.g. an Evening MBA is trying to register for a class where the seats are reserved for Full-Time MBAs (or vice versa), or a non-Business student is trying to register for a Business school course, etc.).

How do I get a Permission?

Students must contact the instructor of the course to request a permission.

The student must: E-mail the instructor with their full name, ID#, and the specific class and section for which permission is requested.

If the instructor consents, the instructor must: Forward the student's e-mail to with their approval.

Within 2-3 days after receiving the e-mail permission request, the Ross Registrar's Office will enter the permission into Wolverine Access and an automated e-mail notifying the student will be generated (to the student’s “” address).

Once a permission has been issued, students must still ADD the class to their schedule before the permission EXPIRES. See How to Add & Drop Classes for instructions.


NOTE: If you are waitlisted for a course, you will need to DROP yourself from the waitlist before you can complete your registration. Do not do so until you have received the automated system e-mail indicating that the permission has been entered and after verifying that the permission is still active.

If you are still experiencing problems or have any questions, please contact the Ross Registrar's Office at