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Dual Degree Opportunities : Medicine

The Stephen M. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan and the Medical School offer a dual degree program that enables qualified students to pursue concurrent work in medicine and business, leading to the Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Doctor of Medicine (MD) degrees.

Students admitted to this dual degree program must satisfy the following requirements:

1) MBA 57 credit hour degree program including:

  • 45 Business Administration Credits, made up of:
    • Roughly 30 credit hour MBA core (no credit is awarded for Business Administration courses successfully waived; credit must be earned with Business electives);
    • Roughly 15 elective hours in Business Administration;
    • MBA Communication Requirement.

2) MD program comprising approximately 167 credit hours:

  • Approximately 46 credit hour M1 coursework; CONTACT HOURS
  • Approximately 49 credit hour M2 coursework; NOT YET KNOWN
  • Approximately 48 credit hour M3 coursework;
  • Approximately 24 credit hour M4 coursework.

The MD/MBA Program is a five-year integrated program. Students accepted into the Program will spend their first three years in Medical School, completing the M1, M2, and M3 course work. These students will then matriculate in Michigan's Ross School of Business complete the full first year MBA course load as their fourth program year, and complete an MBA summer internship, if desired, between the fourth and fifth program years. In the fifth year, students will spend one semester completing the MD requirements, and the other semester completing the MBA requirements.

Applicants interested in the dual degree program must gain independent admission to both the Medical School and the Ross Business School. Applicants must inform both schools that they are applying for the dual degree program. Please make sure the correct box is checked on the MBA application.

Applicants should indicate on the Medical School’s Supplemental Admissions Form the intent to seek an additional degree. Applicants who indicate this will be asked to submit a written personal statement outlining their goals and reasons for pursuing the MD/MBA degree.

Students who are accepted into Medical School and at the same time are deemed admissible by Michigan's Ross School of Business do not need to reapply to the Business School in their M3 year. Applicants must take the GMAT for admission to the Business School and the MCAT for admission to the Medical School. Application to the dual degree program generally takes place shortly after the start of third year of Medical School.

For basic information on the MD/MBA program, please visit the UM Medical School web site at:

Year 1
M1 Fall Term Courses
Patients and Populations 500
Cells and Tissues 500
Musculoskeletal 513
Cardiovascular/Respiratory 504
Renal 506
Family Centered Experience 500
Clinical Foundations 500
M1 Winter Term Courses
GI/Liver 508
Endocrine/Reproduction 510
Immunology 501
CNS/Head & Neck 509
Human Growth & Development 500
Clinical Foundations 501
Family Centered Experience 501
Summer Term
Internship at UM Health System of other relevant experience
Year 2
M2 Fall Term Courses
Cardiovascular 604
Respiratory 605
Renal 606
Psychiatry 614
Neurosciences 609
Musculoskeletal 613
Dermatology 612
Clinical Foundations in Med 600
Family Centered Experience 600
M2 Winter Term Courses
Hematology/Oncology 603
Gastrointestinal 608
Endocrine 610
Reproduction 611
Clinical Foundations in Med 601
Family Centered Experience 601
M2 Comprehensive Clinical Assessment
Step 1 of U.S. Licensing Exam

Year 3
Sequence will vary
M3 Courses
Internal Medicine (8 wks)
Surgery (8 wks)
Pediatrics (8 wks)
Obstetrics & Gynecology (8 wks)

Two of the following:
Neurology (4 wks)
Psychiatry (4 wks)
Family Medicine (4 wks)
Seminars in Medicine (yr long)


Year 4
M3/M4 Courses May-August
Complete remaining M3 required clerkships, two M4 clinical electives, the USMLE Step 2 Knowledge & Clinical Skills examinations, and the M4 Comprehensive Clinical Assessment
B1 Fall Term Courses Credits
Accounting 502 2.25
Marketing 503 2.25
Business Economics 502 2.25
Strategy 502 2.25
OMS 502 2.25
Finance 503 or 513 2.25
MO 503 2.25
Total 15.75
B1 Winter Term Courses Credits
Accounting 552 2.25
Operations Management 552 2.25
MAP – BA 553 7.5
Business Elective 2.25
Total 14.25

Year 5
M4 Course Work
August - December
Subinternship (8 wks)
Two clinical electives (4 wks ea)
Interview Month (4 wks)
Winter Term Courses Credits
Strategy 503 1.5
Business Law or Ethics 1.5
Business Elective 3
Business Elective 3
Business Elective 3
Business Elective 3
Total 15
*During the summer after B1 Year, traditional MBA students complete a three-month internship during the summer after their
B1 year. This internship is an integral part of the MBA experience,And, while it is not required, it will be especially critical for MD/MBA students as it provides additional real world business experience.
Note: At least three terms of full-time enrollment must be completed in Business Administration. Full-time enrollment is defined as 9 credit hours or more of coursework per term.
Sample Note: Credit per term will vary. Your credits per term may differ from sample.