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Degree Requirements

Are you on track to graduate? Ross offers a variety of tools and resources to help you stay on top of your requirements and plan your academic career to best meet your goals and interests. 

Using the links in the table below, Graduate and Undergraduate Ross students may review their Core Requirements, print out a Degree Requirements Checklist, and download a new interactive Planning Tool (if available).

Use Wolverine Access to view a copy of your unofficial transcript or access a live degree audit (under Academic Requirements in the Student Center), and layer this information into the checklists and planning toolsWe also recommend that all students schedule appointments with their Academic Advisor periodically to discuss their academic plan and ensure they are on track as they approach graduation. Dual degree students will need to schedule Dual Degree Advising/Issues appointments to discuss their academic plans and review their remaining requirements. 



Core Requirements

*New! Degree Requirements Checklist and Planning Tool (PDF) *New! Degree Requirements Checklist and Planning Tool (Excel) Degree Requirements Checklist (Prior Format)
Full-Time MBA Students   + + + +
Tauber Full-Time MBA Students (admitted Fall 2011 or later)     + + +
Evening MBA Students   + + + +
Weekend MBA Students (admitted Spring/Summer 2011 or later)   +     +
Weekend MBA Students (admitted Spring/Summer 2010)         +
Asia Global MBA Students     + + +
MAcc (Master of Accounting) Students (admitted Fall 2013)   + + + +
MAcc (Master of Accounting) Students (admitted Fall 2014 or later)   + + + +
MSCM (Master of Supply Chain Management) Students   +     +
Graduate Dual          
Dual Degree Full-Time MBA Students     + + +
Dual Degree Tauber Full-Time MBA Students     + + +
Dual Degree Evening MBA Students     + + +
BBA Students (Admitted Fall 2014 or later)   + + +  
BBA Students (Admitted between Fall 2006 - Fall 2013)   + + + +
Undergraduate Dual          
Dual Degrees BBA - Art & Design     + + + +
Dual Degrees BBA - Engineering     + + + +
Dual Degrees BBA - Kinesiology (Sport Management)     + + + +
Dual Degrees BBA - LSA     + + + +
Dual Degrees BBA - Music, Theatre, & Dance     + + + +

*To help you plan and track your progress, we've included new interactive degree checklists and planning tools. The Excel version has formulas and drop-down menus so you can enter, save, and update your plan. After downloading the Excel workbook, be sure to click "enable editing" for accurate formatting.

Additional Resources:

Program Bulletins:  Detailed information about degree requirements and policies for the BBA, Full-Time MBA, Evening MBA, MAcc (Master of Accounting), and MSCM (Master of Supply Chain Management) programs.