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Course Evaluation Information

All Ross course evaluations are processed online. Faculty can manage and view course evaluations for courses here:

  • Evaluation Process Overview
  • Faculty Steps
  • Additional Note

Evaluation Process Overview:

Please note: The Ross School of Business will be using the University's evaluation system, Blue, beginning Spring 2019.

  1. Ordering evaluations: The Ross Registrar's Office will order evaluations in Blue for each course. Evaluations are typically ordered in the first month of a new term. The evaluations will be created with a default start and end date that is set by the University.

After the deadline for ordering evaluations passes, instructors will receive an email with instructions on how to preview the evaluations and optionally add questions. Instructors can add up to three multiple choice questions (on a scale of Strongly Agree - Strongly Disagree) and up to two open-ended questions. 

Blue does not allow for instructors to make changes to the course evaluation dates. If you need to adjust the dates for your course(s), please email with the course information and the dates in which you would like your evaluations to open and close.

  • The total evaluation window from start to finish must be a minimum of 72 hours.The end date should not extend past a maximum end date that we set in the system for that term. All course evaluations should close before the start of the formal final examination date for the course.
  1. Students complete the evaluations:  Instructors will receive another email when the evaluation is available to students. This is typically two weeks before the end of the semester for a regular term class. The email will contain a link to view real-time response rates. Students also receive an email when the evaluation is available. They can access their evaluations in Canvas or by clicking the link in their email. 

Increasing Response Rates: The following strategies are suggestions that may help to increase your response rates:

  • Encourage your students to take the evaluation bu sending an email or talking about the evaluation during class. If the students know that you will read their feedback and seriously consider changes based on their feedback, they will be more likely to complete the evaluation. Share a story about how you have used feedback in the past to make changes, if possible.
  • Ask the students to take the evaluation during the first 10-15 minutes of your last class. The evaluation system is mobile-friendly, so students can take it on their laptop or phones.
  1. Viewing your evaluations: Instructors receive a final email at the end og the semester when reports are available. The grade roster for the course must be posted in Wolverine Access before the report is available. 


Faculty Steps:

  1. Double-check the start/end dates for your class. If these dates need to be modified, please email
  2. List the Student URL (​) on your Canvas site with a reminder of when the evaluations will be open.
  3. Mention the course evaluations in class! Students indicate that having an instructor at least mention course evaluations made them more likely to complete the evaluation.
  4. Offer a few minutes for the students to complete the evaluations in class, if appropriate. If students in your class typically have and are using laptops, you may decide to provide a few minutes at the end of your last class for students to complete the evaluation.