Course Evaluation Information

All Ross course evaluations are processed online. Faculty can manage and view course evaluations for courses here:

  • Evaluation Process Overview
  • Faculty Steps
  • Additional Note

Evaluation Process Overview:

  1. Setting up your evaluations: Prior to each term, the Ross Registrar's Office will set up default course evaluation dates for half-term and full-term courses. The default dates will always be a five day period at the end of the term, not overlapping the first day of exams.

Once the term begins (on or after the first day of the full term), you have the option to modify the start and end dates for your courses, within certain parameters:

  • The total evaluation window from start to finish must be a minimum of 72 hours.The end date cannot extend past a maximum end date that we set in the system for that term. If you need to extend past the maximum end date in the system, please contact our office and we will modify your dates accordingly. Please note that while we are providing you with the flexibility to adjust your course evaluation window, all course evaluations should close before the start of the formal final examination date for the course.
  • To modify your dates, go to the Course Evaluation Management page and click on the class section you wish to modify. A new window will open with the start and end dates listed. Click on the link to “Enter Alternate Dates.” Be sure to save your changes and review your course evaluation page. (Note that you may need to refresh your course evaluation page to see the new dates).

Cross-listed/Meet-together courses: If you are teaching a combined 001/451 course or a cross-listed course whose sections are officially combined in the system, modifying the dates for one section will automatically update the dates for the other.

Core Courses: Instructors teaching cohort core courses should coordinate to ensure that the same start/end dates are used for all sections.

  1. Students complete the evaluations: Students will receive an email roughly two to three weeks before the end of the term announcing the online evaluation process and reminding them of the importance of completing evaluations. Once the evaluation window opens for a course, students will receive daily email reminders until they submit an evaluation, or until the evaluation window closes. (See below for suggestions on what you can do to remind your students about the evaluation process!)

Non-Ross Students: Please keep in mind that non-Ross students are not accustomed to using our course evaluation system or rating scale. Each term, we hear from a few non-Ross students who had difficulty accessing course evaluations within our system or flipped the rating scale. If you have a number of non-Ross students in your class, please encourage them to log in to the system before evaluations open to confirm their access and remind them of our rating scale (1= Strongly Disagree, 5 = Strongly Agree).

  1. Viewing your evaluations: Faculty cannot view course evaluation results until final grades have been submitted. Please be aware that this is not an automatic process and there may be a short delay between your grade submission and being able to view your results. Our office monitors grade entry and, after we verify that grades have been submitted, we will then publish your evaluation results within the course evaluation system. Once your evaluation results have been published, you will have access to view them online, or export them into Excel.

Evaluation Comments: Online evaluation comments submitted by students will be DELETED from the system four weeks into the start of the next full term. We strongly encourage you to export your comments as soon as your evaluation results are published, at which time you also have the ability to delete them from the system. Again, if you have not deleted them yourself by four weeks into the start of the next term, our office will delete them and you will not be able to retrieve them. (Note that A term comments will not be deleted until four weeks into the next full term. E.g., Fall A comments will not be deleted until four weeks into the Winter term.)

Faculty Steps:

  1. Double-check the start/end dates for your class and modify them if appropriate at the beginning of the term.
  2. List the Student URL ( on your Canvas site with a reminder of when the evaluations will be open.
  3. Mention the course evaluations in class! Students indicate that having an instructor at least mention course evaluations made them more likely to complete the evaluation.
  4. Offer a few minutes for the students to complete the evaluations in class, if appropriate. If students in your class typically have and are using laptops, you may decide to provide a few minutes at the end of your last class for students to complete the evaluation.

Additional Note:

  • Central campus course evaluations: Ross course evaluations are processed via our Ross iMpact intranet system. Central campus courses also use an online evaluation process, which is facilitated through CTools/Wolverine Access. Links/references through those systems do NOT apply to the Ross evaluation process.