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Core Course Requirements - Master of Management Class of 2018

To fulfill Master of Management (MM) degree requirements, students must successfully complete 30.75 credits: 24.75 credits of core courses and 6.0 credits of approved elective courses. MM students enter the program in July and should complete their degree at the close of the Winter term (late-April or early-May). 

A program layout is included below:

Core Course Descriptions:

ACC 557: Evaluating Financial Performance (2.25 cr, Summer)
ACC 558: Cost Measurement & Control (2.25 cr, Winter B)
BCOM 557: Business Communication for Managers (1.5 cr, Summer)
BE 557: Applied Microeconomics (2.25 cr, Fall B)
BL 557: Legal and Ethical Environment of Business (1.5 cr, Winter A)
FIN 557: Financial Management (2.25 cr, Summer)
MKT 557: Marketing Management (2.25 cr, Summer)
MO 557: Positive Leadership and Organizing (2.25 cr, Fall B)
STRATEGY 557: Strategy (2.25 cr, Fall A)
STRATEGY 558: World Economy (1.5 cr, Winter B)
TO 557: Applied Business Statistics & Analytics (2.25 cr, Fall A)
TO 558: Operations Management (2.25 cr, Winter A)

Approved Electives:
(Please note that most electives are offered only in the Fall or Winter term. Please refer to the registration information page for electives offered in the current term.) 

Shanghai Cohort:
Students in the Shanghai cohort have slightly different requirements based on the fact that they enter the program in the Fall term, missing Summer core courses. Shanghai students take ACC 557 in the Fall term, FIN 551 in the Fall term (in place of FIN 557), and MKT 501 in the Winter term (in place of MKT 557). The Communication requirement will be completed in the Winter term. They also complete 3.0 credits of their electives requirement with BA 557 in the Spring/Summer term. Shanghai students begin their program in August and should plan to complete their degree requirements at the close of the following Summer term (late August).