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Core Curriculum: MSCM


Thirty credit hours of core and elective courses are necessary to complete the Master of Supply Chain Management (MSCM) degree. Students enter the program in January and complete their degree in December.


OMS 618: Supply Chain Analytics (3.0 cr)

OMS 605: Manufacturing & Supply Operations (3.0 cr) OMS 621: Logistics (2.25 cr)
OMS 616: Project Management (1.5 cr) OMS 703: Tauber Inst Team Project (3.0 cr)
  IOE 425: Manufacturing Strategies  (2.0 cr)*
 Effective Winter 2011 -- OMS 505: Bootcamp (1.0 crs, mandatory P/F)
Optional: Approved Engineering or Business elective (1.5 - 2.25 cr)

Effective Winter 2011, students will have 15.75 credits required classes, and total credits cannot exceed 18.00.



OMS 620: Supply Chain Management (3.0 cr)

OMS 624: Strategic Sourcing (2.25 cr) OMS 623: IT for Logistics & SCM (1.5 cr)
Approved Business elective (1.5 to 2.25 cr) OMS 735: Special Topics in SCM (1.5 cr)
Approved Engineering or Business elective (1.5 - 6.0 cr)

Total Credits approximately 15.00


Additional degree requirements:
1.  Tauber LeadershipAdvantageSM Program

2.  Mandatory 6.00 credits (minimum) Approved Business and/or Engineering Electives (see below), in addition to elective credits taken to replace waived core. 

*If IOE 425 is waived, students must substitute a minimum of 2.00 Engineering elective credits per the below guidelines (in addition to the 6.00 credits of mandatory electives).

Electives should be chosen from:

Approved Business Electives:  Choose from Business elective classes which are not Full-time or Part-time MBA core courses, but may elect STRATEGY 503.  (See core course listings online.)  Permission to take some Business electives may be dependent upon completion of Boot Camp sessions or may require other prerequisites. 

Approved Engineering Electives:  Choose Engineering courses from this list:  IOE 441, IOE 447, IOE 449, IOE 461, IOE 465, IOE 466, IOE 510, IOE 543, IOE 549, IOE 565, IOE 574, IOE/OMS 548, MECHENG 452, MECHENG 455, MECHENG 581, MECHENG 583, MECHENG 589, MECHENG/MFG 587.