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Core Curriculum: MAcc


Thirty-three credit hours of core and elective courses are necessary to complete the MAcc degree. Students enter the program in September and complete their degree in June with a Graduate Research Seminar. The core curriculum consists of a series of accounting and financial reporting courses.  As electives, a variety of business courses are available including, but not limited to, corporate strategy, finance, marketing, international business, economics and public policy. In addition, graduate level courses may be taken outside the Business School for students wishing to study non-business areas such as law, public policy, communications, or engineering.

Fall Term Winter Term Spring Term
ACC 561: Federal Taxation I (3.0 credits) ACC 625: Advanced Financial Accounting (2.25 credits) ACC 695: MAcc Graduate Research Seminar (3.0 credits)
ACC 564: Corporate Financial Reporting (2.25 credits) ACC 630: Auditing & Assurance
(1.5 credits continued from Fall B)
ACC 565: Financial Instruments and Structured Finance  (2.25 credits)    
ACC/BIT 601: Accounting Information System Design (1.5 credits) 11.25 Credits of Electives*  
ACC 630: Auditing & Assurance (3.0 credits total = 1.5 credits in Fall B and 1.5 in Winter A)    
4.5 Credits of Electives*    

* In choosing your electives, students must include at least ONE of the following choices if you do not waive any of the above core courses, or TWO of the following choices if you do waive any of the above core courses: