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Class Attendance & Retaking Courses : BBA

Attendance Policy:

At the discretion of the instructor, students may be dropped from a class if they do not attend the first class meeting for a once-a-week class, or the first two class meetings for a twice-a-week class.

In addition, based on the pedagogical needs of any particular class, an instructor may set specific attendance guidelines.

If a student is considering missing classes, or wishes to add a class after it has started meeting, he/she is responsible for contacting the instructor in advance to confirm that it is permissible to add the class late, and to agree on a plan for catching up on missed material. Students are responsible for reviewing the CTools site, class syllabus, and emails sent from the instructor for additional attendance guidelines regarding each class.

Repeating Coursework:

A student may repeat a course in which a passing grade was received if the desire is to strengthen knowledge or improve the grade, but only if classroom seats are available after students wishing to attempt the course for the first time have registered. The old and new grades are used to compute the student’s average, but the credit hours for a passing grade are counted only once toward degree requirements. Both the initial and the second course registration will be displayed on the student’s transcript.

A student will be required to repeat a core course in which a failing grade was received. Both the original failing grade and the grade received when the course is retaken are used to determine the student's academic standing and honors.

Students who fail any core course will automatically be placed on Academic Probation. When a core class is failed, students must repeat the course to meet degree requirements. Students have one chance to re-take the class and receive a passing grade. If the core class is failed a second time, the student is withdrawn from the program (subject to appeal for extenuating circumstances). The grade received when the course is retaken is averaged with the original failing grade to determine the student’s scholastic average.