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Auditing Classes

Students are expected to elect courses for credit. Occasionally, however, a student may wish to attend a course but not elect it for credit. This arrangement can take the form of an official audit (sometimes called Visitor status).

To audit a course, the following conditions must be met:

  • Course may not be core course.
  • Student must obtain written permission from the instructor to audit course (via instructor email or instructor signed DROP/ADD form (or “University Election Worksheet”); space must be available in the class (if a class has a limited enrollment, students who take the class for credit will receive priority).
  • Student must bring proof of instructor consent to the Ross Registrar's Office for final approval.
  • Student must register in-person at the Central U-M Office of the Registrar and present the approved DROP/ADD form (or “University Election Worksheet”). Students will NOT be allowed to register for a Class Audit through Wolverine Access.

Audited courses will count toward the student’s credit capacity for the term, but will NOT count toward the degree. Regular course fees apply. An official audit obligates a student to attend classes regularly and complete course requirements (e.g., papers, assignments, tests, and the final examination). When the student has satisfactorily completed a course for an official visit, the course will be listed on the permanent academic record with the notation "VI" in place of a grade. If the student does not complete the course to the satisfaction of the instructor, the course will be entered on the record with the notation "E" or "ED" (unofficial drop) and calculated as a failing grade.

Changes from audit to credit and credit to audit are not permitted after the drop/add deadline for the class. Because this choice of Audit/For Credit becomes final after these deadlines, students are advised to plan carefully before requesting these changes.